Are Toll Free Numbers Free to Call from Anywhere?


Are Toll Free Numbers Free to Call Internationally? Have questions about how toll free numbers work? We answer one of the biggest toll free number FAQs: are toll free numbers free to call internationally? International toll free services are a key aspect of many businesses. This service allows customers to call businesses free of charge…

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What is a Cloud PBX?

what is cloud pbx

What is a Cloud PBX? The Role of Cloud PBX Before 2020, only about one in five employed Americans worked from home. As of December 2020, 71% worked from home or remotely. And 54% of those say they’d like to continue working from home even after the pandemic is over, according to the Pew Research…

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The Top Travel and Hospitality KPIs

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are values that can help airlines, hotels, and resorts measure their progress and stay on track with their revenue. KPIs help provide a clearer picture of a company’s performance and health—companies in the travel and hospitality industries that don’t closely follow their KPIs will be less likely to operate at optimal efficiency and maximize profit.

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3 Benefits Wholesale Voice Partners Love About Phone Number API

phone number api

The Benefits of Phone Number API for Wholesale Voice Partners It’s a great time to be in wholesale voice! As enterprises migrate their telecommunications infrastructure to the cloud, innovations are occurring at a rapid pace. Take phone number API as an example. Using APIs, wholesale voice partners automate complex tasks and extend coverage. So, what…

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VirtualPhone Review and Alternatives

best virtualphone alternative

Best VirtualPhone Alternatives 2020 MightyCall Reviews, Competitor Pricing Looking for your next virtual phone number provider? If you are, you may have heard of, a virtual phone number provider. At AVOXI, we know that there isn’t one business phone service that is ideal for every business. While we are confident in AVOXI’s service and…

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United World Telecom Review and Pricing

united world telecom review

United World Telecom Review and Top Alternatives (2020) If you’re in the middle of searching for your next business phone number provider, you may have come across United World Telecom. If you’re looking for a review and top alternatives to United World Telecom, you’ve come to the right place. At AVOXI, we strive to help…

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Best Business SMS Platforms in 2020

best business sms platform

Best Business SMS Services: 2020’s Top Text Messaging Platforms Looking for the best business SMS platforms for your business? Since you found this article, you probably have a decent idea of what you need from your business texting service, as well as what you’re trying to avoid. For the purposes of this article, we assume…

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Top CallHippo Alternatives in 2020

callhippo alternatives

Best CallHippo Alternatives [2020] CallHippo Reviews, Competitor Pricing If you’re in the market for business phone numbers, SMS service, or virtual phone systems, there is a good chance CallHippo has shown up in your search. At AVOXI, we know that no business phone service is perfect for every company. And while we are sure that…

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How to Improve CSAT Scores in Your Call Center

how to improve csat score call center

How to Improve Call Center CSAT Scores As an inbound call center manager, you live and breathe customer service. You measure it, and improve it- and one great way to do it is through CSAT scores. Today, we are going to cover some of the best ways to improve customer service in the call center,…

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