New Feature: VIP Caller


How much are your top customers worth in revenue? And what would happen to your company if they suddenly decided to stop doing business with you because of a bad customer experience?

With the VIP Caller feature, now available with Smart Queue, you don’t have to take that risk. VIP caller provides call center managers with the ability to create a list of phone numbers that are routed to dedicated agents. This allows you to offer premium service to your most important customers without changing your existing call queue structure.

There’s no need to spend money on an additional VIP phone number that your top customers may or may not remember to dial. All of your customers dial the same Customer Service line, but your VIP accounts will be automatically routed to a specific agent rather than waiting in the call queue.

How Does VIP Caller Work?

Smart Queue allows call center supervisors to add phone numbers to the VIP Caller list in real time. Any phone number that you add to your VIP Caller list is automatically routed to the dedicated agent of your choice.

To use the VIP Caller feature, just log into the Smart Queue portal and visit your Settings panel. Next, select the Known Numbers option. Simply add the phone number(s) to the Known Numbers list, mark them as VIP Caller, and select the dedicated agent who should receive the call.

VIP Caller Feature


It’s that simple. With a few clicks, you start providing premium service to your key accounts without changing your call center’s queue structure.

How to Use VIP Caller Effectively

VIP Caller is a simple call center software feature, but it offers huge benefits for your business and your top customers.

Make the most of this easy-to-use feature with these simple steps:

Add Complete Numbers (Including Country Code) to the VIP Caller List

Smart Queue uses the international E.164 dialing format, which provides global businesses with more flexibility. Because of this, it is important to include the full phone number (including the country code) to the VIP Caller list.

Train Dedicated Agents on Specific Customer Needs

To provide the best customer experience to your top accounts, make sure that your dedicated agents are trained properly. These agents should be familiar with the key contacts on the account as well as any previous concerns that the customer may have expressed.

Review VIP Call Recordings Frequently

Even if you have your best agents handling calls from your top accounts, it is important to review VIP call recordings on a regular basis. This can help you identify potential problems and provide proactive customer service for your top accounts.

Learn More About VIP Call Routing

Learn how VIP Caller can enable your call center to provide exceptional customer service for your most important accounts. Schedule a demo with one of our dedicated contact center specialists today.