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How to Effectively Use Call Quality Monitoring

Want to know what your agents are saying to your customers?  Looking for additional insights into your customers’ needs and concerns? With live call monitoring, you don’t have to guess – you can listen to calls in real time and gain valuable (and actionable) information about your customers, your agents, and your business as a…

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4 Steps to Using Quality Assurance Tools for Call Center Success

We’ve discussed the quality assurance tools that you can use in your call center numerous times.  And if you’ve kept up with our posts, you know that there are a variety of virtual call center software tools, like quality assurance scoring models, call recording, and live monitoring, that allow you to monitor, track, and optimize your…

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How to Create Successful Quality Control Evaluations for Your Agents

Efficiency and effectiveness are two of the primary goals when it comes to operating a successful call center.  For call center managers, this means making sure that your agents are properly trained and performing at their highest levels.  To help you do this, we’ll discuss how to create successful quality control evaluations for your agents using…

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How to Improve Quality Assurance in a Call Center

The success of a call center is greatly dependent on the quality assurance steps that are implemented. We’re often asked for ways that our customers can begin implementing successful quality assurance methods so we’ve compiled this list of 5 tips that can get them on the right track. In this article we’ll explore these tips…

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