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Business SIP Trunking Guide 2018

business sip trunking

Business SIP trunking allows companies to reduce call costs and upgrade their phone system without having to replace their existing setup. While it is important to take advantage of modern communication systems, upgrading with sip trunking for business can be difficult to understand without experience. We made this guide to explain how it works, how to upgrade your existing system, and what to look for in your business sip trunk provider.

What is Business SIP Trunking

Business SIP Trunking (Session Initiated Protocol) refers to a method of transmitting voice and media through an internet connection. By connecting your existing phone lines to a virtual gateway, you instantly upgrade your current phone system to a business SIP standard.

In short, SIP trunking for business uses a virtual adaptor to upgrade your phone system to cloud-based solution, reducing the cost of single and multiple particpants calls and providing extra levels of security and failover for your company.

Why Upgrade to Business SIP Service

How old is your current phone system?  SIP trunking is quickly replacing traditional telephone lines and outdated systems. As the day-to-day demands and pace of the modern business world increase, SIP trunking is helping many businesses establish greater efficiency and flexibility.

Benefits of SIP Trunking for Business

Business SIP trunking includes many benefits like improved productivity, simplified network operation and the most attractive, it costs less.  With a SIP solution, your business will experience improved call quality. Seven reasons to upgrade to business SIP service today include:

Reduced Call Costs

Reduce call costs up to 50% with business SIP trunking!  Here is how SIP trunks for business reduce your monthly spend:

  1. SIP trunking is cheaper than a traditional connection.
  2. There is no capital investment and minimal upfront costs.
  3. Reduced international and domestic call rates.
  4. Connect your employees in different office locations at no cost.
  5. Increase and decrease lines as and when you require.
  6. As SIP solutions are virtual they do not require ongoing maintenance or upgrades.

One of the great benefits of a SIP service is the ability to re-route incoming calls in case of an emergency such as power outages. Cloud-based services do not have the limitations of on-premise hardware and backup systems when it comes to ease of recovery setup. Your provider can discuss failover and redundancy measures with you to ensure your recovery strategy meets your business requirements.

Advanced Call Management

An added benefit of migrating to a SIP service is the ability to integrate third-party application and advanced call management features such as call recording, call analytics and call-backs.

Improved Call Quality

SIP trunking supports HD voice and as long as you have sufficient bandwidth, will provide excellent call quality.

Concurrent Calls

Standard business SIP trunking plans from AVOXI come with as many as 480 virtual SIP channels. This means you can support just as many concurrent calls for each SIP trunk you provision. There is no limit on how many SIP trunks you can provision to a single account.


Set up your initial solution in 24-48 hours or less, then easily add or remove lines instantly. Your provider can also help you ensure your existing bandwidth can cater to these changes. AVOXI activates new customer accounts through your AVOXI user portal within minutes.

Choosing an Excellent Business SIP Trunk Provider

Change can be scary, especially when network disruptions and outages can have irreversible damage to your business.  But this does not need to be the case!  With the right SIP provider who understands your business communications requirements, the transition will be seamless.  Important things to consider when comparing providers include.

  • Future businesses growth and the service providers network capacity.
  • The service providers reliability and industry experience.
  • The service providers timeframe for implementation and restrictions.
  • You overall monthly costs reduction.

View the Best Business SIP Trunking Pricing Today

With 20 years of experience and a global VoIP infrastructure spanning across North America, South Africa, and Hong Kong, AVOXI esnures top quality business SIP service at the best pricing available anywhere. The benefits of a business SIP trunk service from AVOXI include:

  • Direct interconnects and partnerships with local carriers around the world allow AVOXI to offer the most competitive call rates worldwide.
  • Hosted data centers on three continents provide global redundancy and ensure amazing call quality in any region.
  • Office locations all over the world allow AVOXI to provide 24/7 technical support (English and Spanish support available).
  • You can activate new channels and lines instantly from within the AVOXI Core Portal.
  • All AVOXI services include 20+ business features like IVR, teleconferencing, and many more at no extra cost. 
  • Earn credit and get paid when you port existing phone numbers to AVOXI.
  • There are no startup fees or minimum contracts. Try 30 days risk-free!