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International Calling Made Simple with Business VoIP Solutions

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Today, you don't have to deal with the hassle of calling cards or pay high long distance rates to reach customers internationally.  Thanks to VoIP solutions for business, international calling is easy and affordable.

But, how exactly does VoIP international calling work? And how can it benefit both your business and your customers? In this post, we discuss how VoIP phone systems and virtual phone numbers can help you and your customers do business without borders - for a fraction of the cost of traditional long distance calling solutions.

How VoIP Makes International Calling Simple for Businesses

In the past, any business looking to reach customers worldwide would have required on-site PBX technology in whatever countries they wanted to target. In addition the expense of all-new equipment and office space, international businesses would also have to deal with separate equipment vendors in each country, and negotiate calling rates with in-country carriers.

With today's business VoIP solutions, international long distance calls are routed over the Internet. No matter where you or your customers are located, a VoIP phone system can route your calls through the cloud for an affordable price. VoIP phone systems are also hosted in the cloud. That means you can manage your virtual phone numbers and extensions from anywhere with a reliable Internet connection.

With VoIP international calling, you can connect globally distributed customers and office locations for a fraction of the cost of traditional long distance calling.

How VoIP Makes International Calling Simple for Customers

You and your employees may be accustomed to the process of dialing an international number. But, chances are that your customers are not. Regardless, customers living abroad are probably wary of the potential charges that they will incur by calling your business. So, how do you make it easy and affordable for your international customers to call your business?

With international toll free numbers, of course! These numbers are actually virtual numbers, which means that they are not directly associated with any telephone line. Virtual international toll free numbers can be forwarded to any phone number or device, such as a cloud PBX, a mobile phone, or a landline.

International toll free numbers are country-specific, which means that each one is formatted differently based on its country of origin. Customers recognize the format for toll free numbers, and know that they are free to call. Your in-country prospects won't have to go through the tricky process of dialing abroad, and they won't be charged for the call.

With international toll free numbers, in-country callers don't have to deal with the frustration of calling abroad, and they won't be charged for the calls they make to your business.

VoIP International Calling Solutions for Business

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