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Add and Provision a SIP Trunk to Your Account

Integrate in-house PBX phone systems by adding SIP Trunk capabilities

How to Add and Provision a SIP Trunk

Easily integrate in-house PBX phone systems to AVOXI Core and enable outbound calling to any destination around the world. To add global SIP trunk capabilities to your account, click on SIP trunking link on the main menu.

Click on the “Add SIP Trunk” button and follow the prompts to get started.

AVOXI Core SIP TrunkAdd a friendly name to label your new SIP trunk.

  1. Add a public IP address associated to your in-house phone system.
  2. Chose the closest server location to your business’ physical location (the closer you are connected to the server location, the more stable connection you can get).
  3. Choose your outbound caller ID (caller ID numbers are based on already owned phone numbers associated to your account).
  4. Choose the appropriate service subscription based on the number of outbound channels required. You may upgrade the number of channels at any time.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions and click on Save.

After your SIP trunk is activated, an emerging window should appear confirming your purchase.

AVOXI Core SIP Trunk added

Click on the “View setup instructions” button to access the configuration step-by-step guide. There, you can find details on how to setup your in-house PBX to work with your newly added AVOXI SIP trunk.

Please note: Changing the server location or your public IP address on any of your SIP trunks, will require you to update your systems configuration. Make sure to review the configuration details as the connection parameters will change and your outbound service may be interrupted.

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