AVOXI Names CallRail the Best Call Tracking Software

After reviewing the top competitors in the industry, AVOXI is pleased to name CallRail as the Best Call Tracking Software for Marketers.

In this comprehensive review, we'll talk about some of the key factors that were used to determine the winner of this award, and provide additional insights into why this Atlanta-based company is the best choice for marketers and business owners looking for a call tracking software as a service (SaaS).

Company Background

CallRail was founded by in 2011 by Andy Powell and Kevin Mann, two graduates of the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Before teaming up with Mann, Powell was the owner of another startup, BimmerShops.com, which was a directory of independent BMW specialists.

At the time, Powell had no way of showing the BMW specialists who were featured on BimmerShops.com that the calls they received actually came from the listings that they placed in his directory.  Faced with this problem, Powell sought a partnership with Mann, and the two set out to create a proprietary call tracking software that could address this critical need.

Today, CallRail is the call tracking software of choice for more than 15,000 businesses.

Features and Functionality

At first glance, CallRail offers everything you’d expect from any other call tracking software. It provides all of the basics: call tracking, call recording, and detailed reporting.

But in addition to the essentials, CallRail offers both keyword and campaign-level tracking, dynamic number insertion, full caller ID and visitor data, interactive menus, and so much more.

One of our favorite features is the CallRail Copilot, which allows you to view in-depth, contextual details about who’s calling by gathering data from all of your campaigns, call logs, and the real-time inbound call dashboard.

CallRail Co-Pilot


When it comes to integration capabilities, CallRail is really second to none.  Like most call tracking software offerings, it can be integrated with Google Analytics, WordPress, and the top CRMs, such as SalesForce.com.

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What really sets CallRail apart in this realm is its ability to integrate with additional business applications, including FullStory, Zapier, KissMetrics, PipelineDeals, and HipChat.  When you combine CallRail’s robust functionality with these key tools, you can achieve so much more than you could by using each application separately.

And since CallRail was built with marketers (not developers) in mind, it’s very easy to integrate with all of these key platforms. In most cases, all you have to do is activate the program under your customization options and enter the API key.

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When it comes to pricing, CallRail is extremely competitive in the call tracking service market.  The basic plan starts at $30 per month, and it includes:

  • 10 Local Numbers
  • 500 Minutes per Month
  • 100 Text Messages
  • Unlimited Clients and Users

From there, you can purchase additional phone numbers, minutes, and text messages as needed.  Here’s how the pricing breaks out past the starter package:

  • Local Numbers: $3/month
  • Toll Free Numbers: $5/month
  • Minutes: 5 cents local/8 cents toll free
  • Text Messages: 1.6 cents per message

This plan also includes all of the key features that we discussed earlier, such as keyword and campaign-level tracking, dynamic number insertion, call recording, whisper messages, real-time caller data, and advanced dashboards.  It's also nice that CallRail offers a 14 day free trial, so you have the chance to play around with the interface and decide if it works for your business.

We looked at some of the top competitors, and found that almost no one else on the market offers this much functionality for so little.

Take WhatConverts, for example. This call tracking software vendor offers two plans: Basic and Plus.

CallRail pricing
Source: https://www.whatconverts.com/pricing

The Basic plan is “Pay As You Go,” which means that there is no set monthly fee.  You have to purchase all numbers and minutes a la carte, and you don’t get access to critical features, such as advanced reports and Google AdWords integration. (You also have limited customer support options.)

The Plus plan is only $19.95 per month, but again - you’re paying for all of your numbers and minutes as you go.  (And when you do the math, you’ll see that you’ll actually pay more than CallRail’s base fee of $30/month if you need more than 5 local numbers - and that doesn’t even count the minutes that you’ll use.)

Customer Support

CallRail does a great job of providing users with all the information they need about getting started and customizing the platform.  You'll find the answers to almost every question you might have in their Knowledge Base, which is organized by features, such as call flow and reports, as well as tasks, such as adding new numbers and managing accounts.


Choosing the best call tracking software was no easy task.  There are many providers on the market, and all of them have competitive features and functionality.

But, CallRail offers businesses the whole package: detailed call tracking for online and offline campaigns, real-time extended caller ID information, a host of integration capabilities, and an intuitive user interface - all at a very competitive price.

If you're ready to learn more about CallRail, you can visit them online, get in touch with their sales team at (866) 329-1704, or start your free trial.