DMG Consulting: Best Independent Research and Audit Firm

AVOXI awards DMG Consulting the Best Independent Research and Audit Firm for Contact Centers. DMG Consulting’s strong team of experienced employees and their proven track record makes them the best choice for contact centers looking for advisement on a variety of business processes.

DMG Consulting was founded in 2001 with an emphasis on helping contact centers develop a customer-focused business strategy. Their team of strategists, engineers, operations managers, marketers and CFOs have an average of 20 years experience each. This offers contact centers an extraordinary and knowledgeable group of individuals with whom to collaborate with.

DMG Consulting has also worked with a variety of call centers, large and small, to create lasting and highly effective changes in internal and external processes that result in a great return. They work hand-in-hand with their clients to ensure a 3 to 9 month payback that leaves them with lasting benefits.

“They have a proven track record and really do understand the needs and limitations of the modern call center,” says David Wise, AVOXI’s CEO and Founder. “They work closely with each of their clients to ensure they’re given the best possible solution so they experience the greatest results.”

If your business is in need of a reliable and knowledgeable contact center consultant, look no further than AVOXI’s Best in Independent Research and Audit Firm for Contact Centers, DMG Consulting.

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