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If you're in the market for a great VoIP phone service or simply a virtual phone number, there is a good chance you've heard of MightyCall. At AVOXI, we know that no business phone service can be perfect for every company. And while we're sure that MightyCall is just as confident in their service as we are in ours, neither of us are exceptions. We strongly believe that the best outcomes come from mutually beneficial relationships between providers and customers. That means we would rather help you find the best VoIP service for your business, even if that means pointing you towards MightyCall or another competitor.

In this post, we review MightyCall's pricing, features, and compare several alternatives to MightyCall. Every MightyCall competitor on this list has been around for a meaningful period of time and proven they can handle a range of business communication needs. Whether you're looking for the best MightyCall alternative or just a solid review to make you feel better about your purchase decision, you've come to the right place.

MightyCall Business Overview

MightyCall is a telecommunications company based in California that works to simplify the world of customer experience so that businesses big or small can get high customer satisfaction through the use of communications.

MightyCall VoIP Feature Review

All MightyCall pricing plans include a great set of standard VoIP features. Virtual phone system features included in every MightyCall pricing plan include:

  • Unlimited extensions
  • Unlimited text messaging (US and Canada)
  • Call routing
  • Auto-attendant
  • Call queues
  • Call transfer
  • Conference calling
  • Webphone (softphone)
  • Social media integration
  • And many more (see the below)
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MightyCall Pricing

MightyCall offers 3 plans total in their pricing plan. Plans include at least two toll free or local numbers and unlimited users on all plans. For businesses that expect higher call volumes, need additional phone numbers, or want to use certain premium features, customers can select either the standard or ultimate plans for additional features.

How Much Does MightyCall Cost?

MightyCall Basic Plan Pricing: $19.99

  • 1,000 minutes
  • 2 toll free or local numbers
  • 10 clients in the contact book
  • Unlimited users

MightyCall Standard Plan Pricing: $39.99 per month

  • Unlimited minutes
  • 5 toll free or local numbers
  • Unlimited clients in the contact book
  • Unlimited users
  • Call recording
  • Voice to text
  • Presence indicator
  • Deskphones and softphones

MightyCall Ultimate Plan Pricing: $99.99 per month

  • Unlimited minutes
  • 10 toll free or local numbers
  • Unlimited clients in the contact book
  • Unlimited users
  • Call recording
  • Voice to text
  • Presence indicator
  • Deskphones and softphones
  • API
  • Voice studio recording
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MightyCall International Calling Rates

All rates are located on Mightycall's website. For outbound calls, you can find a table that conveniently shows the country, area code, and price per minute in USD for mobile and non-mobile phones.

mightycall international calling rates

Top Alternatives to MightyCall

Before we take a closer look at each competitor, here is a quick price comparison featuring some of the top MightyCall alternatives:

Competitor Plans Starting at International Numbers Setup Fee
MightyCall Starting at $19.99 / mo 11 countries $0
Grasshopper $29.99/mo/user US / Canada Only $0
RingCentral $29.99/mo/user 100+ countries $0
AVOXI $4.99 / mo / user 160+ countries $0

MightyCall vs Grasshopper

One alternative to MightyCall is Grasshopper. Grasshopper offers similar features as MightyCall, but focuses more on small businesses. MightyCall provides a great deal with unlimited minutes in its Standard and Ultimate plans, with its Basic plan allocating 1,000 minutes. All of Grasshopper's plans include unlimited minutes, including its cheapest plan-- for a small business that expects a lot of calls, Grasshopper can also be considered.

Grasshopper Pricing Plans:

  • Solo plan $29 per month/ unlimited minutes: 1 number, 3 extensions
  • Partner plan $49 per month/ unlimited minutes:  3 numbers, 6 extensions
  • Small Business $89 per month/ unlimited minutes: 5 numbers, unlimited extensions

MightyCall is very transparent with how it compares to its top competitors, and provides such information accessibly on its website. To see how MightyCall's pricing and features compares to Grasshopper, view the table they have provided below:

mightycall vs grasshopper

MightyCall vs RingCentral

If you're looking to use the MightyCall virtual phone system to manage a larger office, then you probably aren't comparing them to Grasshopper. A popular alternative specifically for larger companies is RingCentral. RingCentral may be considered a solid choice for enterprises that want a large number of features in a comprehensive cloud communications software with integrations with Google, Outlook, Salesforce, Oracle, and other popular business systems and applications.

ringcentral vs mightycall

Once again, MightyCall is transparent with competitor comparisons and gives such information on their website. To see how MightyCall's pricing and features compares to RingCentral, view the table they have provided below:

ringcentral mightycall comparison

MightyCall vs AVOXI

Lastly, a third alternative to MightyCall is AVOXI. While we think MightyCall is a great option for many businesses, we'd like to recommend AVOXI for businesses that have international calling needs.

AVOXI Pricing Plans:

  • Toll free and local number plans starting at $4.49
  • SMS plans starting at $1.99
  • Cloud contact center software starting at $4.99
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When purchasing a virtual number, customers get many advanced features included with their number. Features with all number plans include:

mightycall voip competitor

International Calling

Unlike MightyCall, AVOXI specializes in international calling solutions and allows you to set up virtual phone numbers from 160+ countries online in just a few minutes. However, MightyCall can still be a viable solution if you don't expect much incoming traffic from international callers and simply need to make outbound calling internationally on occasion. Here is a quick rate comparison of international calling costs when dialing out to popular destinations:

AVOXI MightyCall
Landline Rates Mobile Landline Rates Mobile
United States $0.011 per minute $0.011 per minute $.04 / min $.04 / min
United Kingdom From $0.008 per minute From $0.008 per minute From $.06 / min From $.13 / min
India $0.0318 per minute $0.0318 per minute From $.14 / min From $.14 / min
Australia From $0.018 per minute From $0.0215 per minute From $.09 / min From $0.26 / min

MightyCall does offer some international numbers and calling, our international rates are very competitive and useful for businesses that need do business outside of the United States. But, MightyCall may be a better if your company is only making outbound calls to the US/Canada or have a high volume of SMS.

There are plenty more details worth diving into, so check back in the near future for additional updates to our MightyCall review and competitor comparisons!

Choosing Between MightyCall and Its Competitors

As you compare your options, we hope this MightyCall review and competitor comparison proved useful for you. Didn't find exactly what you were looking for? Please let us know! We are constantly updating our articles, and your feedback invaluable in creating more useful content for our readers. Also, be sure to check back regularly as we continue to create content designed to help business owners searching for better VoIP phone solutions.

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