Best Call Center Performance Games

best call center games

Looking for call center gamification ideas? Keeping your call center agents productive means keeping them satisfied and appreciated, and games with rewards are a great way do so. Call center gamification can easily liven up the office and improve team performance and efficiency. Before we get into specific games, let's talk about the metrics and goals behind these call center motivation tools.

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Metrics-Based Call Center Games

Some healthy competition is a great way to boost performance among call center agents. Metric-based games mean gamifying your call center KPIs and other measurements to engage, challenge, and reward jobs well done. Before gamifying, define your business goals and KPIs to track success. Some common attributes that can be gamified (KPI or completion-based) include:

Goals & KPIs to Gamify

  • Average handle time
  • Average hold time
  • First call resolution
  • Percent of calls transferred
  • Calls taken/made
  • Percent of calls answered
  • Agent's auxiliary time
  • New leads generated
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Supervisor/peer appreciation
  • Completion of internal training or certification
  • Completion of external training or certification
  • Achieving annual target
  • Completing X years with the company
  • Employee recruitment 

Gamification Strategies

Once you’ve decided your KPIs to measure, decide your game mechanics. These can be a combination of:

  • Competition - teams and/or individuals. Compete among other teams of vs. self
  • Task completion and quizzes for training or eLearning

Include a Time Frame for Call Center Activities

Competitions should include a time limit, as well. Include weekly, monthly, and even yearly goals that agents can strive for. There are many different tools available that can provide leaderboards for agents to easily track their goals, and team emails can be sent out weekly updating all agents on current scores and achievements made by the team.

Use Performance Incentives That Matter

It’s also critical to have appropriate incentives-- don’t do something demeaning like a bucket of candy and toys. Think of things that would actually improve the day of your agents. Incentives can include things like preferential scheduling, extended lunches, additional vacation time, public recognition, and more. 

Call Center Game Ideas

Here are 5 call center game ideas to implement in your call center. These are quick and easy ways to create some friendly competition, entertain, and motivate your staff to reach their goals.

Give each call center agent a white board and marker. At the end of a customer interaction, the agent can write down one sentence that the customer said that helps highlight a positive customer experience. At the end of the period (day, week, etc) review all whiteboards and give a prize to who had the most successful interactions. Not only does the team get rewarded for positive experiences, but they also have a written reminder of all the customers they helped.

Have a number of sealed envelopes appropriate for your call center size, each having a mystery prize inside, such as a lunch voucher, movie tickets, extended lunch, etc. Every time an agent makes a sale or helps a customer, they can take an envelope from another agent. As soon as the day ends, the last agents with the envelopes get to open them and claim their prize. This is a great way to ensure that performance remains strong, even towards the end of the day.

Set up a box full of marbles, playing cards, ping pong balls, etc. which can be used as tokens. When a team member resolves a customer call, they can take a token from the box. For some more competition among agents, let agents steal tokens from each other. At the end of the week, month, or other decided time period, count each agent’s tokens. As an option, create a leaderboard and track tokens for a few months and give a prize to top token holders.

If you have a spare putter, set up a hole somewhere in the office-- use a cup, mug, or other small containers. To improve team performance, add different blockages between the starting point and the hole. When someone on a team reaches a goal/KPI, they can remove an obstacle. Once a putt can be made, the team can take their chances to try and make it into the hole. If they make it, they get a prize. This is a great way to visualize success and improve teamwork.

Feeling a lull in the day? Tell agents that whoever has the highest percentage of satisfied customers in the next hour will receive a prize. This will motivate your staff to provide efficient and effective customer service and boost morale.

How AVOXI Can Help

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