CEO Message: Fourth Quarter Update

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A Special Hello to Our Loyal Customers

Thanks once again for your continued business and your encouragement to do more and go further.

Much has been happening at AVOXI this last quarter of the year.  We continued to add countries, and to add cities, to our long list of Global Virtual Numbers – allowing you to count on AVOXI as the most reliable source of numbers where you need them when you need them.

One of my favorite things to do is to talk about our customers and I wanted to share a brief story about one of them here.

AVOXI is working with a 700-person travel industry contact center with offices in South America and Asia.  Their challenge: an outdated, expensive, legacy call center system.  A “boat anchor” as a friend of mine would describe it. My guess is that the folks who are charged with keeping it up and running have other names for this technology.  

AVOXI offered a solution that allowed this client to maximize the legacy-equipment investment they had already made by integrating their old gear with AVOXI’s cloud call center service. Already we have moved 200 agents onto the new platform with an additional 300 to go.

“Significant cost savings.” “Improved agent efficiency.” “A superior customer experiences.”  These are just a few of the benefits this client shared with us when asked how AVOXI was helping them grow their business.  The AVOXI team is dedicated to helping our clients connect to their customers.

Are we making sure this happens for you and your team? Let me know. I truly love hearing from each and every one of you. Write me anytime at [email protected].


David Wise