Best easyinbound Review and Top easyinbound Alternatives (2020)

easyinbound review

Looking for an in-depth review of easyinbound and pricing comparison with top competitors? It’s good to weigh all your options, so to help you find the best virtual phone number provider for your business, we’ve created this easyinbound review and cost comparison.

While we are confident in our company’s pricing, worldwide coverage, and overall quality, we know that AVOXI isn’t a perfect fit for everyone. You need a phone service as unique as your business, so we’re invested in helping you find it, even if it isn’t us. In this article, you’ll find:

easyinbound is a virtual phone service provider that focuses on businesses and entrepreneurs in Australia. Businesses that want a virtual number can select a number type (1800,1300, or 13) and optional call pack based on their business needs. When choosing an available number online on the online sign-up system, the number will be activated and ready to go on the same day.

Review of easyinbound VoIP Features

The following features are included in each easyinbound virtual phone service plan:

  • Standard call Routing
  • Time of Day and Week Routing
  • Recorded Announcements
  • Real-Time Call Reporting
  • Call Queuing
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Business introduction
  • Voicemail

Additional Features Include:

  • Call recording
  • Professional Voice Recording
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Live Answering

easyinbound Pricing

Prices depend on the type of number used and where calls will be answered from: landline, mobile, or landline + mobile. easyinbound will charges a single rate for answering inbound calls from inside Australia on a fixed landline, and a single rate for answering inbound calls from inside Australia on mobile.

1800 Number Pricing

  • Monthly Fee: $6.92
  • Setup Free: $17.29

Optional Add-On Call Packs


  • $3.46 Plan - 80 Monthly Minutes
  • $13.83 Plan - 320 Monthly Minutes
  • $31.13 Plan - 640 Monthly Minutes
  • $54.65 Plan - 1200 Monthly Minutes


  • $3.46 Plan- 35 Monthly Minutes
  • $13.83 Plan - 140 Monthly Minutes
  • $31.13 Plan - 300 Monthly Minutes
  • $54.65 Plan - 550 Monthly Minutes

Landline and Mobile:

  • $3.46 Plan - Landline: 80 Monthly Minutes, Mobile: 35 Monthly Minutes
  • $13.83 Plan - Landline: 320 Monthly Minutes, Mobile: 140 Monthly Minutes
  • $31.13 Plan - Landline: 640 Monthly Minutes, Mobile: 300 Monthly Minutes
  • $54.65 Plan - Landline: 1200 Monthly Minutes, Mobile: 550 Monthly Minutes

*Calls in excess of, or without call pack are 0.10 cents/min to Australian landlines, or 0.15 cents/min to Australian mobile.

1300 Number Pricing

  • Monthly Fee: $6.92
  • Setup Free: $17.29

Optional add-on Call Packs


  • $0 Plan - Zero Monthly Minutes - Rate: $0.069/min
  • $3.46 Plan - 100 Monthly Minutes - Rate: $0.035/min
  • $17.29 Plan - 450 Monthly Minutes - Rate: $0.039/min
  • $34.59 Plan - 950 Monthly Minutes - Rate: $0.037/min


  • $0 Plan - Zero Monthly Minutes - Rate: $0.12/min
  • $3.46 Plan - 100 Monthly Minutes - Rate: $0.093/min
  • $17.29 Plan - 450 Monthly Minutes - Rate: $0.094/min
  • $34.59 Plan - 950 Monthly Minutes - Rate: $0.092/min

Landline and Mobile:

  • $0 Plan - Landline Zero Monthly Minutes - Rate: $0.069/min OR Mobile Zero Monthly Minutes - Rate: $0.12/min
  • $3.46 Plan - Landline 100 Monthly Minutes - Rate: $0.035/min OR Mobile 37 Minutes - Rate: $0.094/min
  • $17.29 Plan - 450 Monthly Minutes - Rate: $0.039/min OR Mobile 185 Minutes - Rate: $0.094/min
  • $34.59 Plan - 950 Monthly Minutes - Rate: $0.037/min OR Mobile 375 Minutes - Rate: $0.092/min

*Calls in excess of, or without a call pack are $0.069 cents/min to Australian Landlines, or $0.12/min to Australian mobile.

easyinbound pricing

*Image shows easyinbound 1800 number landline plans in AUD

Comparing the Best easyinbound Alternatives

Is easyinbound's virtual phone service the perfect fit for your business? Let's see what kind of businesses are the best match for easyinbound and check out some easyinbound alternatives. In this article, we'll take a look at phone providers Alltel, eVoice, and AVOXI.


Much like easyinbound, Alltel is a specialist carrier of Australian 1800, 1300, and local numbers. What makes Alltel different from easyinbound is that the company also provides business phone systems, services, and hardware.

Included Features:

  • Local-Based Routing
  • State-Based Routing
  • Time and Day-Based Routing
  • Customer Portal
  • Call Reporting
  • Hunt Groups
  • Call Overflow
  • Postcode Prompting

Advanced Features (included in Advance Plans)

  • Business Intro
  • Online Portal
  • Call Recording
  • Voice2Email
  • IVR
  • Missed Call Alerts
  • Access detail call reports
  • Call whisper

1800 Plans

There are four Alltel plans for 1800 numbers, which have offers in the following range:

Monthly Fee: $9.69 - $27.00

Calls answered on landline:

  • Local & National Calls: $0.074 - $0.067 / min
  • Mobile Calls: $0.12 - $0.074 / min

Calls answered on mobile:

  • $0.21 - $0.17 / min

Setup Fees:

  • $30 - 1800 Micro, 1800 Starter, 1800 Grow
  • $50 1800 advance

Phone Number Prices: $0 - $68.53

*Prices shown in USD

best 1300 number providers

*Image shows Alltel 1800 number plans in AUD


eVoice is a telecommunications service provider that targets entrepreneurs and small businesses, providing toll free and local phone numbers. First focused on United States and Canada, eVoice established its Australian division in 2012. They offer several different plans, including a pay-as-you-go plan starting as low as $0/month.

Included Features:

  • Call Forwarding
  • Voice to Email
  • My eVoice Portal
  • Call Reporting and Analytics
  • Call Overflow - Sequential

Businesses can obtain additional features individually or through Silver, Gold, or Platinum Features packages:

Silver Features - $3.46/mo per feature OR all 3 for $6.92/mo

  • Call Blocking
  • State-Based Routing
  • Business Hours Routing

Gold Features - $6.92/mo per feature OR all 6 for $20.75/mo

  • Call Overflow Least Recent
  • Greetings & Customs Messages
  • Simple IVR
  • Time and Day-Based
  • Routing
  • Percentage Call Splaying
  • Call Announce

Platinum - $10.38/mo per feature OR all 10 $34.59/mo

  • Complex IVR
  • Roster Routing
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Key Press to Answer
  • Missed Call Alert - SMS
  • Missed Call Alert - Email
  • Inbound Caller Display
  • Outbound Caller Display
  • Inbound Call Recording
  • Outbound Call Recording

Extra Features - $69.17

  • Professional Voice Over

Australia Toll Free 1800

There are 7 plans total: Pay-As-You-Go, Starter, Basic, Plus, Pro, Premium, and Ultimate with plans offered between:

  • $0 - $86.53/month
  • 0 - 1,875 landline minutes/month
  • 0 - 789 landline minutes/month
  • Landline call rate: $0.21 - $ 0.055 cents/min
  • Mobile call rate: $0.38 - $0.13 cents/min

*Prices listed in USD

callinbound alteratives

*Image shows eVoice 1800 number plans in AUD


AVOXI has toll-free and local numbers available in over 150 countries and 2,500 cities worldwide. Customers can choose from six unique virtual phone number plans, starting as low as $4.49/mo. New business numbers are activated instantly, and can be managed and customized at any time from the easy to use online portal. AVOXI makes a great alternative to easyinbound for small to large companies or entrepreneurs that need a lower price point, an array of standard features, international calling, or a PBX system.

Australia Toll Free 1800

  • $7.99 - $106.99/month
  • 0 - 3000 minutes/month
  • $0.062 - $0.045 per additional minute

Australia 1300 National

  • $7.99 - $106.99/month
  • 0 - 2224 minutes/month
  • $0.096 - $0.066 per additional minute

Every virtual number service plan from AVOXI includes 20+VoIP features at no extra cost, including:

  • Call Forwarding to Multiple Devices
  • IVR (Virtual Attendant)
  • Custom Caller ID
  • Call Recording
  • Time of Day Routing
  • Global Call Conferencing
  • Call Groups

*All prices listed in USD

top easyinbound competitors

*Image shows AVOXI plans in USD

Who Should Use easyinbound?

easyinbound is best for: Small businesses or entrepreneurs that need a simple phone system and will be doing business exclusively in Australia.

An alternative to easyinbound is best for: Mid to large-size businesses, businesses that will need more international calling reach, businesses that need more features, and businesses that want to start small and test the product due to easyinbound's high starting price point and fees compared to other alternatives.

Which Virtual Phone Service is Right for Your Business?

We hope that this review of easyinbound and information on easyinbound alternatives was useful in your search for a virtual phone service. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, send us feedback and let us know how we can improve the information! Be sure to check back with us regularly as we create new reviews with other top phone service providers.

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