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No matter how big or small your business is, every phone call is important. In the event of an emergency that could interrupt your VoIP service, it is important to know that your business is protected. Learn how to ensure that you never miss a call with call continuity services.

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What Is Call Continuity?

Call continuity is a critical VoIP service feature that allows you to reroute calls in the event of an emergency. For example: your business may experience a power outage or another unforeseen event that causes your phone service to lose its connection to AVOXI. By setting up a specified backup phone number or destination, you ensure that your business won’t miss any phone calls.

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How Do I Get Call Continuity?

Your business can achieve call continuity with AVOXI VoIP services in one of two ways.

Option #1: Set Up an Alternate SIP Connection

This option is a preventative measure that will allow your business to quickly re-route calls to an alternate destination in the event of a local power failure or interruption in Internet service. The backup SIP trunk will terminate to a different location than your standard VoIP phone line. All you need to do is contact the AVOXI team in the event of an emergency. Our Customer Support team will handle the rest.

Option #2: Use the Online Portal to Create a New Call Forwarding Rule

The AVOXI Core Online Portal allows users to quickly and easily change where calls are being routed. In the event of an emergency that affects your VoIP service, you can log into the AVOXI Core Online Portal and create a new call forwarding rule. This new rule should route your calls to an unaffected destination.

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Never Miss a Phone Call with Call Continuity

Have questions about how to ensure your business never misses a phone call? Contact an AVOXI VoIP Specialist to learn more about call continuity options.

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