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M800 Review, Pricing, and Top Alternatives in 2019

m800 review

Looking for a detailed M800 review or pricing comparison? Everyone loves knowing all of their options, which is why we went ahead and made it easy for you! While we are confident in our company's pricing, worldwide coverage, and overall quality, we know we aren't the perfect fit for everyone. That's why we don't mind reviewing great competitors like M800. In this article you will find:

  • A practical M800 review
  • M800 pricing comparisons with similar competitors
  • Additional comparisons with the top M800 alternatives around the world

This post was created to be as helpful as possible to our readers, even if they aren't ours! If you reading this review and don't find exactly what you're looking for, please let us know so we can be sure to update this article to be as useful as possible for our readers.

M800 Company Overview

M800 is a diverse team of professional focusing on telecom, mobile and software industries. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, they are able to optimize solution offerings. They pride themselves with helping businesses save time and money, offering high-quality communication solutions.

Review of M800's Services

International Toll-Free

  • Toll free numbers allow callers to reach you without being charged for talk time. These numbers usually have an 800 dial-code.
  • These numbers can usually only be used by callers within one country.
  • M800 states that they offer toll free numbers in over 230 countries, which is an impressive coverage area.

Local Phone Numbers / Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

  • DID numbers are simply local phone numbers. They give you the same range of features as a toll free number, but the caller will be charged local rates for talk time.
  • Unlike toll free numbers, DID numbers can be dialed from anywhere in the world. However, international callers will be charged with long-distance rates.
  • These are a good alternative when toll free numbers in a certain country have too many restrictions, are too expensive, or you simply want to appear local in international markets.
  • Like toll free, M800 says they offer local numbers in over 230 countries.

Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN)

  • UIFN is a global “0800 number” that only charges the receiver, making it free for the caller.
  • It makes it possible for anyone to call the number. The number would include the international dial code, (800) and then the 8-digit number.


  • SMS or simply text messaging service. This is used in most telephone, internet, and mobile systems.
  • SMS has become one of the top used data applications, and M800 offers web-based SMS which is messages that are sent through web interfaces and SMS API that are global SMS sent to your app instantly.
  • M800 has SMS services to over 230 countries.

Review of M800's Features

M800 overs a variety of features included in its packages to its customers.

  • Blacklist and Whitelist: filtering your incoming calls by rejecting those numbers on your blacklist, and accepting the numbers on your whitelist
  • Passcode Protection: create a code to establish call protection, increasing your call security
  • Concurrent Call Limiting: Limit the number of concurrent calls, and increase it when you see is fit for your business needs
  • Inbound Call Limiting: stay on top of your telephone expenses by setting a limit to your inbound calling time and cost
  • Location Blocking: block unwanted calls from a specific location

How M800 Pricing Works

Like AVOXI, M800 allows you to buy toll free or DID numbers from several countries online. Through their Online Shopping Cart, simply select the country and number type you would like, select where you would like to forward your calls to, and choose plan. The more talk time you commit to each month, the lower your average call rates will be.

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