Tips & Tricks for Mastering AVOXI’s Contact Center Software

One of the unique connections between our contact center technology and our business is the fact that we use our own product to run our company! Our inbound and outbound teams rely on this technology to communicate with our customers every day. And, our managers use it to coach and measure our team's performance.

That being said, you could consider our employees as “power users” of AVOXI! We recently surveyed our team to identify tips and tricks on how they use the product every day - shortcuts if you will - that enable us to move faster while still providing a memorable customer experience each time.

Get the inside scoop below!

Improve Operations with Integrations

Did you know? AVOXI now integrates with Salesforce, Zoho, Dynamics, and most recently, Zendesk.

How it benefits you:

Did you know businesses are using, on average, 129 separate technologies to run their organization? It’s more important than ever that your essential business tools are communicating to one another and you’re equipping your team to work out of one platform (vs. 129)! We’ve found that businesses who connect their contact center software with their tech stack see two immediate benefits:

  • Improved productivity - By connecting certain technologies, businesses are able to quickly remove tedious, manual work that often bogs down support and sales teams and replaces it with automated functions like creating a new helpdesk ticket or even logging call activity.
  • Improved customer experience - When your technologies are synced, your team is able to see comprehensive customer detail before even picking up the phone. With data at your fingertips, you’ll be able to easily tailor your conversations for each customer!

Discover Trends with Custom Reporting

Did you know? AVOXI now offers Live Dashboards that offer real-time metrics to help supervisors better manage their contact center.

How it benefits you:

There’s a ton of insight contact center supervisors are able to gather, if they have the right tools and the right reports to analyze. Not only can this help them improve workflow and optimization across their entire team, but they can even drill in to see specific agent performance and how they’re pacing against individual goals.

With AVOXI, all of your data is housed in one place where you can easily filter by Teams, telephone numbers, department, or by the agent for unique views of your data activity. Want to look back at historical data to compare quarter-over-quarter or year-over-year, or measure performance in real-time on your dashboard? No problem. With our custom reporting, you can pull the metrics you need to effectively run your business!

Simplify Agent Workflows

Did you know? AVOXI Google Chrome extension can convert any phone number on the web into a clickable link for your outbound calls.

How it benefits you. 

Streamline your team’s outbound call process and allow them to make more calls in less time with AVOXI’s Google Chrome extension. Our extension converts numbers on any site into clickable links so your team can dial directly using your built-in webphone! Two immediate benefits include:

  • Save Time - Give more time back to your agents by helping them remove tedious work like manually dialing outbound numbers.
  • Trust Your Outbound Metrics - Human errors happen, especially when teams are asked to manually enter data. AVOXI’s Google Chrome extension ensures your reports aren’t inflated with outbound misdials and instead increases the likelihood of your team calling the right number the first time.

Bring Your Own (SIP) Carrier

Did you know? You can now bring your own carrier to AVOXI with SIP forwarding.

How it benefits you:

Using another phone solution but need additional voice reach or call functionality from your contact center software? Rather than having to port over your number to AVOXI, customers now have the option to maintain their existing numbers with local carriers and simply forward to AVOXI via SIP.

Enjoy benefits like:

  1. More market coverage.
  2. API automation of phone number and compliance configuration.
  3. Control over routing rules.
  4. Choices of one or several SIP providers.

Live Call Coaching

Did you know? AVOXI now offers an easier solution for coaching your support and sales teams. Introducing Call Coaching.

How it benefits you:

Looking for an easier way to ensure your support and sales teams are providing an exceptional customer experience on every call? With AVOXI’s Call Coaching, you can proactively manage agents with call monitor, whisper, and barge functionality to ensure quality standards are consistently being met. Accelerate the on-boarding time of new employees, elevate customer experience, and seamlessly enter client conversations when your reps need help!

Driving Success with AVOXI

AVOXI customers chose our cloud contact center solution to drive success.

Robust integration capabilities, customized reporting, simplified workflows, bring-your-own-carrier, and live call coaching tools can help you accelerate your desired results and make your investment worthwhile.