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Enhance Customer Service with Advanced Call Routing Techniques

Small to medium-sized businesses focused on growth often place an emphasis on customer acquisition. After all, new customers mean new business, and acquiring new business is the best way to make the lead from SMB to enterprise. But in the effort to gain more and more new clients, customer service levels can suffer. To keep…

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Are You Using Skills-based Routing Effectively?

Available with most virtual call center software solutions, skills-based routing is a feature that allows you to make the most of a specialized workforce.  Based on the settings that you create, skills-based routing evaluates the data associated with an incoming call (derived from customer inputs, the number dialed, etc.) to determine which department or employee…

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How to Use Time of Day Routing in a Call Center

Time of Day Routing is one of the most popular VoIP features on the market today. Not only do our enterprise and small business customers utilize this feature, our call center customers use it too. Depending on the type of business you are, you can use this feature in a variety of ways that will help…

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