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How to Handle Angry Customers on the Phone

Call center jobs are already stressful, and dealing with frustrated customers doesn’t make your job any easier. In fact, handling difficult customers over the phone is consistently listed among the top 3 reasons for turnover in the call center. Helping your agents manage irate customers and de-escalate those interactions will go a long way in…

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7 Qualities of a Successful Call Center Agent

Whether you want to become the best call center agent you can be, or you want to make a new hire based on the top skills and abilities a great call center agent needs, having the right people on your team saves you time and money. But what are the most important qualities of a…

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5 Ways to Effectively Coach Call Center Agents

In our experience with virtual call center software setups around the world, we find that a call center is only as successful as its agents are. That’s why you should be continually training and coaching your agents to achieve success. The call center managers we work with are constantly looking for ways to perfect their…

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