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Checklist for Setting Up a Call Center

A call center is a big investment and a huge commitment for a business. Because of that, our customers often ask for our expertise on setting up a call center. We’re always here to help. While the process has become more streamlined as the industry, technology and market has grown, there are still a few key items…

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Your Call Center Checklist for Global Expansion

In today’s global economy, expanding your business doesn’t mean opening a new office across town. Many growing businesses have customers around the world. And to serve those customers, they need to be able to communicate with customers anywhere, anytime. No matter how carefully you prepare, your business will run into roadblocks along the path to…

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5 Call Center Setup Mistakes You Can Avoid

Setting up a call center is a lot of work. From establishing a budget to purchasing the right technology and hiring a talented staff, your time and energy are put to the test. Because of this, it’s easy to overlook small things that can lead to long-term complications. In this post, we review the top…

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