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How Much Does a VoIP Call Center Cost?

  Upgrading an outdated Call Center to a VoIP Call Center platform lets you take advantage of cloud technology while reducing monthly costs! As the provider of some of the most affordable VoIP call center software anywhere, we are all about cost-efficiency. What Are the Cost Factors for a VoIP Call Center? VoIP Call Centers…

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Top 5 Reasons to Move Your Call Center to the Cloud in 2018

AVOXI reviewed five reasons to move your call center to the cloud in 2014. As cloud technologies expand and mature, it’s time to take another look and see what the 2018 top five reasons are to switch to a cloud-based call center. Reports covering the cloud-based contact center market forecast significant growth as businesses shift…

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What Size Call Center Should Consider a Cloud-Based Solution?

As Cloud technology expands, so does the popularity of cloud-based call centers. It makes sense; Cloud Computing is revolutionizing the way business is done. But which call centers should take advantage of this new technology? In this article, we’ll explain what size call center should consider a cloud-based solution, the factors that play a part in…

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Advantages of a Virtual Call Center

Virtual Call Centers provide the mobility and flexibility that traditional Call Centers can’t. Find out how a Virtual Call Center can increase your bottom line. What Are the Advantages of a Virtual Call Center? Virtual Call Centers have one major advantage over traditional Call Centers; due to VoIP, or Voice over IP, technology, their agents…

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