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Troubleshooting VoIP: How to Fix Call Quality Issues

There are a lot of good reasons why VoIP phone systems are so popular. They run on the Internet, so you can work from anywhere. They don’t require hardware or installation, so they’re affordable. But, if you don’t have a strong Internet connection, they can present a problem when it comes to call quality. Thankfully,…

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How Much Bandwidth Is Needed for VoIP?

With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) becoming increasingly popular, more and more businesses are considering the move to this advanced and cost-effective phone service. But as these businesses replace their analog phone systems with cloud communications solutions, many are left wondering “how much bandwidth is needed for VoIP?” Bandwidth Needed for VoIP: A Quick Guide…

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How Do You Get The Best VoIP Call Quality in South Africa?

VoIP technology gives individuals in South Africa a reliable and customizable alternative to traditional phone lines. If you’re looking for reliable VoIP call quality in South Africa, ask your VoIP provider for this must have feature. VoIP Call Quality in South Africa However, one important aspect to remember about VoIP is that you’ll need reliable…

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