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AVOXI Core Online Portal Now Offers Live Chat with Customer Support

The updated AVOXI Core interface now allows customers to reach the AVOXI support team within the easy to use Online Portal. This immediate access format lets you ask questions about your AVOXI products and services, invoices and billing, and also lets you follow up on existing support tickets. Even more, the chat feature lets the support…

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Why Live Chat Is Essential to Quality Customer Support

Live Chat by the Numbers According to Gartner, live chat will grow 400% from 2015 to 2018 as a preferred digital channel for customer engagement. A number of surveys cite customer satisfaction as a key driver to incorporate chat. Additionally, several benefits clearly show that live chat is no longer a minor add-on feature to…

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Why Phone Support Is Essential for Online Businesses

So, you’re running an online business. Since your website allows customers to purchase your products and services online, almost all of your customer interactions come in digitally. That means that your customers can get what they need through self-service options, and your business doesn’t provide phone support. And that’s a good thing…right? Well, yes and…

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How to Provide Exceptional Customer Service for High-Value Customers

In a normal call center queue, you have no way of knowing who your high-value customers really are. That means that you can’t ensure that your business provides these exceptionally valuable customers with exceptional customer service. While every customer deserves your company’s best level of service, the fact remains that your high-value customers are vital…

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Building a Successful Customer Support Team in 5 Steps

The success of your business can often be directly tied to the satisfaction levels of your current and potential customers. Happy customers are loyal customers that will continue to turn to your company time and time again. The foundation of this kind of loyalty is your customer support team. This article will explore building a…

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