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SIP Trunking Pricing: The Essential Guide

It’s no surprise that many businesses have made the switch to SIP trunking for their communications solutions. In addition to flexibility, scalability and ease of configuration, one major advantage is the significant cost savings. This article will explain the elements that factor into SIP trunk pricing, and what you can expect from a SIP trunk…

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3 Common Problems with SIP Trunking (And How to Solve Them)

A SIP trunk is essential for businesses that are looking for a more efficient and modern phone system. But despite its upgraded capabilities, users can sometimes experience problems with SIP trunking. To help users alleviate these issues, we’ll discuss common problems you may experience and ways that you can troubleshoot them. Issues porting your numbers One…

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How Much Does SIP Trunking Cost?

As more and more businesses begin their journey into the cloud, many are concerned about the added costs and the overall price of their new VoIP-enabled system. Those with SIP trunking needs are no different. If you need a SIP trunk to connect your legacy PBX to the cloud, you may find yourself asking, “how much…

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How to Upgrade Your PBX at a Low Cost

Your business is growing faster than you could have ever imagined.  In just a few short years, you’ve gone from 5 employees to 50, and you have branches in multiple locations, some of which are international. In the midst of this expansion, one thing is painfully clear: your aging phone system isn’t doing you any…

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