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Problems Setting Up Your Softphone

Softphones are becoming increasingly popular as businesses become more mobile.  Not only are they convenient for taking your calls with you everywhere, but they’re also an extremely cost-effective communication solution. Despite their popularity, you can sometimes experience problems setting up your softphone. In this article, we’ll discuss these problems and ways that you can address…

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Using a Softphone or VoIP Phone

As your company makes the switch to VoIP, one of the things you must upgrade is the actual phones that you use.  Most traditional phones aren’t compatible with VoIP and thus, they must be replaced. Two popular options on the market are softphones and VoIP phones.  But which is right for you?  In this article,…

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When to Consider a Softphone Over a Desk Phone

When it comes to business phones, there are really two options: softphones or desk phones. While both phones give you the basic functionality you need, the two vary when it comes to a number of other topics. In a lot of cases, our customers find more success using Internet-based phones. To help you make the…

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How Much Does a Softphone Cost?

As the popularity of VoIP increases, so does the demand for Softphones. For our customers making the switch to VoIP, cost is often on their mind. We understand that, so how much does a softphone cost? With new technology, there’s often an assumption that costs will rise significantly. We’re here to set the record straight…

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