Best VirtualPhone Alternatives 2020 MightyCall Reviews, Competitor Pricing

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Looking for your next virtual phone number provider? If you are, you may have heard of, a virtual phone number provider. At AVOXI, we know that there isn't one business phone service that is ideal for every business. While we are confident in AVOXI's service and affordability, we want to be able to help other makes the best decisions for their business--even if that means not choosing us. For that reason, we've put together a comprehensive VirtualPhone to help you find the right virtual phone number provider for your business.

In this blogpost, we'll review VirtualPhone's pricing, features, and compare VirtualPhone with a couple competitors. Each competitor included in this article provide great service and have proven for years that they can handle a wide range of business communication needs. To jump to different parts of the article, use the table of contents below! is a telecommunications company based in Los Angeles that provides companies with international, toll free, and local phone numbers in over 100 countries. All phone numbers purchased through include features such as call forwarding, hosted PBX, call routing, and outbound calling.

VirtualPhone VoIP Feature Review

All pricing plans include a set of standard VoIP features. Virtual phone system features included in every pricing plan include:

  • Softphone
  • Call Recording
  • Call Forwarding
  • SMS
  • Live Chat With Voice
  • Call Schedule
  • IVR
  • Voicemail and Fax review

VirtualPhone Pricing

MightyCall offers 8 different plans available for purchase, broken down into 3 groups: Starter, Medium, and Large. Plans include one toll free or local number and vary in price and number of minutes included, which depend on the country the number is based in. The pricing plans are a bit confusing, but for an example we will include the pricing for a USA toll free number being forwarding to a VoIP address.


100 Minutes or Texts: Free

Pay as You Go: $0/mo

  • Additional Minutes: 4.9 cents
  • Additional SMS Texts: 1.9 cents
  • Additional Numbers: $7

300 Minutes or 200 Texts: $9/mo or $60 annually

  • Additional Minutes: 4.9 cents
  • Additional SMS Texts: 1.9 cents
  • Additional Numbers: $4

750 Minutes or 500 Texts: $19/mo or $108 annually

  • Additional Minutes: 3.7 cents
  • Additional SMS Texts: 1.7 cents
  • Additional Numbers: $3


3,000 Minutes or 2,000 Texts: $59/mo or $468 annually

  • Additional Minutes: 3.2 cents
  • Additional SMS Text: 1.5 cents
  • Additional Numbers: $3

6,000 Minutes or 3,000 Texts: $99/mo or $828 annually

  • Additional Minutes: 2.7 cents
  • Additional SMS Text: 1.3 cents
  • Additional Numbers: $2


15,000 Minutes or 10,000 Texts: $199/mo or $1,788 annually

  • Additional Minutes: 2.2 cents
  • Additional SMS: 1.1 cents
  • Additional numbers: $1

45,000 Minutes or 30,000 Texts: $499/mo or $4,788 annually

  • Additional Minutes: 1.7 cents
  • Additional SMS: 0.9 cents
  • Additional number: $1 pricing

Top Alternatives to VirtualPhone

Before we take a closer look at each competitor, here is a quick price comparison featuring some of the top VirtualPhone alternatives:

Competitor Plans Starting at International Numbers Setup Fee
VirtualPhone $9.99 / mo 120+ countries $0
Grasshopper $29.99/mo/user US / Canada Only $0
TollFreeForwarding $9.99/mo 120+ countries $0
AVOXI $4.99 / mo / user 160+ countries $0

VirtualPhone vs Grasshopper

Grasshopper offers virtual phone numbers and focuses more on small businesses. While VirtualPhone does include plans that have a large amount of minutes, it's worth nothing that each of Grasshopper's plans have unlimited minutes. For a small business that wants to be able to be on the phone a lot and also use SMS to speak with customers, Grasshopper is a great choice.

Grasshopper Pricing Plans:

  • Solo plan $29 per month/ unlimited minutes: 1 number, 3 extensions
  • Partner plan $49 per month/ unlimited minutes:  3 numbers, 6 extensions
  • Small Business $89 per month/ unlimited minutes: 5 numbers, unlimited extensions

VirtualPhone vs

Another VirtualPhone alternative for virtual phone numbers is TollFreeForwarding. TollFreeForwarding offers basic features with their virtual phone numbers, but also offer premium features for an extra price.

TollFreeForwarding Pricing

*Pricing based on country. USA/Canada pricing is provided as an example:

  • Monthly plans
    • True 800 toll free: $9/month
    • Toll free/local: $5/month
  • Incoming calls
    • True 800 toll free: $0.01-$0.046/minute
    • Toll free/local: $0.01-$0.046/minute

VirtualPhone vs AVOXI

Lastly, a third alternative to VirtualPhone is AVOXI. While we think VirtualPhone is a great option for many businesses, we'd like to recommend AVOXI for businesses that have international calling needs.

AVOXI Pricing Plans:

  • Toll free and local number plans starting at $4.49
  • SMS plans starting at $1.99
  • Cloud contact center software starting at $25/user
best alternative to mightycall

When purchasing a virtual number, customers get many advanced features included with their number. Features with all number plans include:

mightycall voip competitor

Choosing Between VirtualPhone and Its Competitors

As you compare your options, we hope this review and competitor comparison proved useful for you. Didn't find exactly what you were looking for? Please let us know! We are constantly updating our articles, and your feedback invaluable in creating more useful content for our readers. Also, be sure to check back regularly as we continue to create content designed to help business owners searching for better VoIP phone solutions.

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