What is Call Tracking Software? How Call Tracking Works [2020 Guide]

what is call tracking

Call Tracking, you’ve heard of it and you know many businesses have begun using it, but what is it exactly? What value does it add to your business? If you are wondering whether or not your business should be using this software, don’t worry, you're not alone. We handle call tracking services all over the world and know that not every business needs are the same. We only look for mutually beneficial partners so we want you to find the best service for you. We have compiled a list of all the common questions about call tracking software to help! This article will give you a snapshot of everything you need to know about Call Tracking Software. Throughout this article you will find:

  • Types of call tracking software (systems)
  • How Call tracking worksBest
  • Call Tracking Features
  • The Benefits of Call Tracking for Business

What is Call Tracking Software?

Call Tracking software is used to record information about an incoming call your business is receiving, for some reasons even the telephone call itself. It is used mainly to help companies determine which marketing platforms are the most profitable.

What is a Call Tracking System?

Call Tracking software is used to record information about an incoming call your business is receiving, for some reasons even the telephone call itself. It is used mainly to help companies determine which marketing platforms are the most profitable. What kind of device do you find yourself doing most of your marketing efforts?

How Call Tracking Works

There are a couple of different ways phone tracking can be used, so you can find the style that best suits your company personality.

1-to-1 Call Tracking

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), which is the process used to measure the impact of digital efforts on inbound calls, gives a unique number to each marketing platform that your company is using.

1-to-1 Call Tracking Benefits

Pro: it’s 100% accurate
Con: it’s cost-prohibitive

Session-Based Call Tracking

You assign a pool of tracking numbers to a site based on the average amount of traffic that the site normally sees.

Session-based Call Tracking Benefits

Pro: provides more granular insight to keywords leading to calls
Con: less accurate than 1-to-1 call tracking

Best Business Call Tracking Features

You might be wondering if this fits into your companies budget. Fortunately, there are various different ways to price this service to ensure that you are working within a budget! You can choose between pay per call, pay per minute, or pay per lead business model.

There are also different methods of call tracking that can be used to benefit your company.

Call-Back Function

This is a web-based function, the user simply leaves a phone number on the advertisement that they wish to be called, the internet than uses cookies and saves the information for you about the interested party

Call-Number Tracking

This is a telephone server solution, where each ad, online banner or advertising platform has its own number assigned to it

Dynamic Call Tracking

This uses additional software allowing websites to swap phone numbers presented to the users when the website loads. There are three different types of dynamic call tracking:

Channel-Based Tracking

This captures information on call sources to the marketing channel (ex. Organic, referral traffic, etc.) and then breaks down the source however it doesn’t give any information about the actual web session

Unique Session

Gather information from every user’s session on the website and then pools the numbers to tell you the period of time the interested party used for the session and can accurately link the calls to specific web sessions. The data is measured through marketing sources, content, keywords, etc.

Static Phone Number Tracking

This assigns individual phone numbers to online and traditional marketing sources

Benefits of Call Tracking for Business

There are so many perks that come with using phone tracking software. Search Engine Journal has found that calls lead to 10-15xs more sales than actual web leads. Call tracking software was created specifically to help marketers learn what is working for their company and what isn’t.

Call Tracking for Actionable Data

We've mentioned the benefits of using call tracking to measure your ROI several times, so no need to repeat here. Instead, here's some specific use-cases that we use at AVOXI or have seen our customers try successfully:

  • A/B test different web page designs: Each test page has a different number assigned to it
  • Assign different phone numbers to different CTA buttons to compare CTA placement or conversion page optimization
  • Assign different numbers to each billboard, poster, card, or other physical advertisements
  • Assign different numbers to Google Ads campaigns
  • Call tracking for agencies - prove your results to your clients
  • Call tracking for affiliates/white label - custom URL parameters are great, but what if the person doesn't click the URL they are supposed to? Call tracking numbers are another great way for affiliates to have accurate data

Most Companies Include Several Features With Your Call Tracking System

Call tracking can be exciting to use and some of the features that are typically included make it even more exciting. By having a software that improves your calls with potential customers imagine how much your company sales can grow. Another awesome feature is that if you are located in various geographic locations, you can have a specific number with a local zip code creating more trust with the customers. Some additional common features include:

  • Forwarding
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Google Analytics
  • Call Recording

AVOXI offers unbelievably low prices for call recording compared to many other providers.

Compare Local Vs. Toll-Free Numers For Business

Many companies use call tracking with toll-free numbers to look more professional, and others have found people are much more likely to call local numbers they recognize. Since we know every business has their own preferences when you set up call tracking software, you can find out which is best for you!

What Are Your Call Tracking Software Questions?

These were the most common questions, however, if this article didn't cover all of your questions let us know! We'd love to know how to make this more helpful for you.