Where to Find Affordable VoIP Calling Rates

The investment in reliable, cost-effective communications solutions is a commonly overlooked component of a business. That isn’t to say today’s companies don’t understand the importance of efficient internal and outbound communication, or that they forget to account for phone rates in their budget. The problem is that most companies don’t realize how much control they have over the cost of their phone system and VoIP calling rates – and they end up paying more than they should because of it.

Although some people think that the cost of phone usage is standardized in the industry, there can be a big difference in phone rates offered by telecommunication companies. The cost of VoIP call rates may seem small, but saving even a few pennies on average per minute can alleviate the stress on a small business with a stretched budget, or save a business enterprise a fortune on talk time. And in today’s global economy, affordable international calling rates are an essential part of a successful business.

The ever accelerating movement towards globalized markets means expanding your business’ international reach is not only a smart way to get ahead of your competition, but also a necessary investment if you wish to stay relevant in your industry.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a flexible medium of communication where audio is transferred over an Internet connection rather than standard telephone networks, and is currently the innovative choice for phone service amongst companies that want to make frequent long-distance calls at a rate that doesn’t break the bank.

We at AVOXI have always been proud of how affordable we make it for our customers to enjoy the benefits of VoIP service, and in our latest analysis, we found that we leave top competitors in the dust when it comes to offering the most reasonably priced international calling rates.

Not only does AVOXI make international calls affordable for any business, but we also provide a one-stop shop for all your business’ communications needs. Our product suite consists of international toll free numbers, local numbers, virtual office, and cloud-hosted contact center solutions to fit your needs, however specific they may be.

How Do AVOXI's VoIP Calling Rates Stack Up?

Our analysis consisted of taking 12 randomly selected countries and comparing the phone rates offered by three of the largest VoIP providers for those countries with our own. Not only did we find a difference of as much as 88% between one of our rates and a competitor’s, but when we compared the entire sample of countries and companies, we beat our competitors by an average of 33%*.

Combine our top-notch international rates with a huge selection of international and domestic phone numbers, one of the most competitively priced virtual office and cloud contact center solutions on the market, and our multilingual 24/7 customer support, AVOXI isn’t just the most affordable VoIP service provider you can find – we’re also the most convenient.

Whether you are a small business looking to expand your global presence, or an enterprise looking to save on international calling rates, AVOXI can meet your needs by making international communication easy at prices that are more than competitive.

Get Affordable International VoIP Service

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*Comparison based on competitive calling rates that are current as of August 2016.