Why You Should Use VoIP

With VoIP technology taking the world by storm, those still using an analog system are left wondering, “why should I use VoIP?" There are a number of reasons that individual consumers as well as startups and large enterprises use VoIP as their primary phone system. In this article we’ll discuss why you should use VoIP by examining the advantages of a VoIP phone system and the disadvantages of a traditional analog system.

The disadvantages of an analog phone system

An analog phone system is one that is built on copper wires and runs on the POTS, plain old telephone service. This type of phone system has been around for decades. Despite that fact this system is widely recognized around the world, it’s becoming increasingly unpopular for modern businesses and consumers.

The primary disadvantage of an analog phone system is its lack of flexibility. This system requires a hard connection. That means that in order for the system to work, you need to be connected to wires. This eliminates your ability to answer calls anywhere.

Analog phone systems also tend to lack the advanced calling features you’d receive with a VoIP system. These systems offer a handful of standard features including Mute, Hold and Redial, but not much else.

Analog phone systems are also losing their popularity because of the expensive startup costs that come along with their installation and setup. You'll also need to plan for future maintenance and upgrades to your system.

The advantages of a VoIP phone system

VoIP runs over the Internet. So instead of relying on wires to transmit your voice messages, they’re packaged as data and transferred online. This is what makes a VoIP phone system so unique.

Unlike analog, VoIP offers a large amount of flexibility for your phone system. With VoIP, your phone system is completely hosted on the Internet. That means you can access your system and make phone calls anywhere you have an Internet connection.

VoIP is also known for its wide variety of advanced calling features. Most VoIP plans come standard with important calling features like IVR/Auto Attendant, Call Recording and Time of Day Routing.

In terms of price, VoIP is an extremely cost effective alternative to an analog system. For starters, VoIP requires little or no setup and installation costs because it’s an Internet based system. Your provider also typically handles all maintenance required to your system. You just easily pay a monthly fee for access to the VoIP provider’s service.

Why You Should Use VoIP

VoIP is the best choice for most consumers. Not only does it offer calling features that are becoming more and more essential in the modern business world, its flexibility makes it ideal for employees working on the go. When you consider its cost effective price tag too, it's easy to see why VoIP is taking the world by storm.