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Get Nepal Toll Free Numbers for Business

Customers in Nepal call you toll free. Forward calls to any device, anywhere in the world.

Customers in Nepal call you toll free. Forward calls to any device, anywhere in the world.

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Establish a Local Presence with Nepal International Toll Free Numbers

Have business interests in Nepal? Seeking to expand your business in that region? Adding a new strategic client in the area? If yes, a Nepal Toll Free Number lets you establish your presence in that country without the need for a physical location. The toll free number provides efficient, easy access for customers, partners, and prospects to communicate with you.

Who Can Call My Nepal Toll Free Number?

The dialing format for a Nepal ITFS (International Toll Free Service) phone number is:

1 800 XXX XXXX

These types of toll free numbers are free to callers within Nepal. That means your customers can call you without incurring charges on their phone bill. In Nepal, the ITFS numbers from AVOXI have limited mobile service. And, the toll free number is not accessible from a payphone.

With AVOXI’s service, your Nepal Toll Free number comes with an expanded suite of business-class features. Through the online portal, you access all your number management functions and setup your interactive voice response system (IVR)/auto attendant, edit your call forwarding rules, and more. AVOXI Core lets you manage your virtual phone number wherever you have an Internet connection.

Calling and Doing Business in Nepal

With a population of almost 29 million people, increased live expectancy, and projected Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of 6 to 7.5%, Nepal continues to make progress economically. Small and medium-sized enterprises play a key part in that growth, reportedly accounting for 22% of the country’s GDP. If your business seeks to connect with customers in Nepal, an AVOXI toll free number lets you easily create your presence.

As a virtual phone number, your Nepal Toll Free Number works by connecting to the Internet. Your phone system operates in the cloud using VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) and AVOXI maintains the system. What does that mean for you? Virtual numbers allow you to forward calls anywhere—to a number of your choice. Forward to a local number or to an IP Address via a SIP trunk. Use the virtual phone number with an existing phone system or as a stand alone system. The AVOXI Virtual Number solution allows you run a global company with or without a bricks and mortar site in that country.

About Nepal

Nepal flagConsidered a Himalayan country because of its proximity to that mountain range, Nepal is a landlocked country located in South Asia. The largest cities in Nepal are Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lekhnath, and Lalitpur. The climate varies quite a bit depending on the altitude, and residents experience five distinct seasons including summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and spring. Agriculture remains a big part of the economy; however, the growth in the textiles industry—specifically carpet and garment—contribute to strong export performance.

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