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How to Set Up Virtual Attendant

Learn how to customize the Virtual Attendant feature.

Customizing the Virtual Attendant Feature

The AVOXI Core Online Portal allows users to setup their own Virtual Attendant. Just click on the AVOXI number for which you want to enable this feature and click on the Virtual Attendant tab. If the Virtual Attendant tab is not enabled, go to the Profile tab and turn on the feature.

Once you are in the Virtual Attendant tab, you will see a table with a pre-configured Virtual Attendant called ‘ROOT’. This is your main Virtual Attendant. Click on ROOT to configure active times, upload audio prompts and complete the call routing configuration.

If you would like to create a new Virtual Attendant as a sub level of ROOT, you may do so by clicking on the +Add Virtual Attendant button and following the steps below. Also, follow these steps to re-configure your ROOT Virtual Attendant. Keep in mind that the ROOT VA cannot be renamed.

AVOXI Core IVR Configuration

Configuring Your Virtual Attendant

  1. For a new Virtual Attendant, add a friendly name to your new VA. Setting a name is a requirement to move to the next steps.
  2. Set Active Times by selecting the required month, date, day or hours of operation. If you would like your VA to be active at all times, leave all these parameters blank and click on Next.
  3. Upload your menu prompts.
    • The Intro prompt should include a welcome message with your company name so callers know they are calling the right company. (This prompt is required.)
    • The Menu prompt should include the different options you would like your callers to hear before they press a number on their dialpad to get re-routed to the appropriate department. e.i. “Press 1 for Sales, press 2 for support…” (This prompt is required.)
    • The Timeout prompt is the prompt you would like your callers to hear if they take too long to press a menu option. (This prompt is NOT required.)
    • The Unavailable Selection prompt is the prompt you would like your callers to hear if they press an option not available in your menu prompt. (This prompt is NOT required.)

AVOXI Core IVR User InputClick on Next to configure the menu routing.

To configure your menu routing, click on the +Add User Input button.

Note: If you are trying to configure the routing for ROOT, all the user inputs may already be preset for you. Just click on the user input you want to configure and follow the instructions below.  When you have finished customizing the call routing structure, click Save Virtual Attendant to save all of your changes.

A pop up window appears with additional configuration parameters as illustrated below:

  1. AVOXI Core IVR New ActionClick on the User Input drop-down and select the option you want to map. If your menu prompt says “Press 1 for sales” then, you are going to select User Input #1.
  2. The Action tells the system what to do when the caller presses 1. You can configure this option to transfer calls to direct extensions, external phone numbers, call groups, call queues and even other virtual attendants.
  3. If you would like to upload or record a prompt for each User Input, you may do so by checking the “Play Before Action” box and uploading or recording the prompt.
  4. Repeat these steps for each of your menu options.

Note: Clicking ‘Done’ before completing all the steps above will take you back to the main Virtual Attendant page and will not complete your configuration.

How to Create Virtual Attendant Sub-Menus

If you want to link multiple virtual attendants and create menu sub-levels, then create secondary virtual attendants by following the steps explained above. When you get to the routing portion of the configuration, set the action for the user’s input to the secondary virtual attendant you are trying to connect as shown below.

AVOXI Core Secondary IVR

Create secondary Virtual Attendants

AVOXI Core IVR Edit Action

Set User Input’s action to the newly created (secondary virtual attendant).

AVOXI Speech Bubble

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