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How to Set Up Virtual Attendant

Learn how to customize the Virtual Attendant feature.

Customizing the Virtual Attendant Feature

The AVOXI Core Online Portal allows users to set up their own Virtual Attendant. Just click on the phone numbers icon, select the number you want enable this feature for, and click on the Virtual Attendant tab.


Virtual Attendant - AVOXI Core Menu


First, choose when you would like the Virtual Attendant to be active: always, or during specific days or time periods.


Virtual Attendant - Time of Day Settings


Next, upload your Virtual Attendant recordings. The Intro recording will be your introductory greeting when someone calls you. Then, upload your Virtual Attendant's menu choices. These choices will help your callers be directed to the appropriate department within your organization.

Tip: Make sure to click on the dropdown menu to set the recordings as active. 


Upload Virtual Attendant Recordings


Once your time of day settings and custom recordings are active, you can customize the call routing structure for your Virtual Attendant. Each numbered item represents the key pad entry that your caller will input to reach a certain extension or hunt group.

Make sure to set the Action as "Transfer" to activate that option.


Virtual Attendant - Call Routing Menu


When you have finished customizing the call routing structure, click Save Virtual Attendant to save all of your changes.

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