Virtual Business Phone Systems: Vonage vs RingCentral

As VoIP becomes more prevalent in the workplace, a variety of virtual business phone system providers have developed. This means that there are more options for consumers in this industry than ever before.

As a virtual business phone system provider, we’re often asked to compare our competition. We've decided to use our knowledge of this industry to compare two popular providers, Vonage Business Solutions and RingCentral.

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Company background

In 2013, Vonage acquired Vocalocity, a VoIP company focused on providing hosted PBX solutions to small businesses, and rebranded it to become Vonage Business Solutions.

Since 2003, RingCentral has been providing a variety of Cloud communication services to customers around the world.

Average customer

Vonage Business Solutions focuses on hosted PBX solutions for small businesses however their services are targeted toward medium to large businesses as well.

RingCentral sets their sights on medium sized businesses looking for an updated Cloud communications system.


Many different plans are available for businesses interested in Vonage Business Solutions.
  • Unlimited Extensions: $39.99 a month per extension, includes unlimited local, in-network calls for a flat rate and standard features.
  • Metered Extensions: $14.99 a month per extension, charged per minute for usage for both domestic and international calls, includes standard features.
Depending on the features and usage you expect out of your phone system, there are a few plans offered at RingCentral.
  • Standard: $24.99 a month per user, comes with unlimited calling, 1,000 Toll Free minutes, conferencing for up to 4 people and a variety of other features.
  • Premium: $34.99 a month per user, unlimited calling, 2,500 Toll Free minutes, conferencing for up to 25 people and a variety of other features.
  • Enterprise: $44.99 a month per user, unlimited calling, 10,000 Toll Free minutes, conferencing for up to 50 people and a variety of other features.


Vonage Business Solutions’ virtual business phone system comes standard with a number of features including Call Forwarding, Call Screening, Call Waiting and Voicemail to Email. Other features such a Call Group, Call Queue, Conference Bridge and Call Monitoring are also available for an additional price each month.

RingCentral offers similar features that you'd expect from a Cloud communications provider. You'll have access to several call management tools like call screening and call logs as well as standard Cloud PBX features such as IVR/Auto Attendant, music on hold and many more. The price of each feature is dependent on the calling plan you choose however, every calling plan comes with basic calling features like call forwarding and call park.


Vonage Business Solutions offers a free mobile application for iPhone and Android that allows you to access your business phone system anywhere. They also allow for Virtual Extensions, meaning that you can connect your mobile device to your business’s virtual phone system. These extensions start at $14.99 a month.

RingCentral also offers mobile capabilities for its customers. They deliver a mobile application for iOS and Android phones as well as the capability to integrate your smartphone and tablets to your Cloud based business phone system.

Customer support

Vonage Business Solutions' Customer Care team is available from 9am-9pm during the week. Emergency support is available after hours and weekends for those who need it.

RingCentral offers 24/7 phone support to office customers with 2 or more users. Regular phone support is available Monday-Friday from 8am to 9pm and 5am to 6pm for Professional users and office customers with at least 1 user.

Conclusion: Comparing virtual business phone systems

Both Vonage Business Solutions and RingCentral offer great service for customers looking for a professional virtual business phone system. They both offer a wide variety of features, regularly scheduled customer support, as a variety of plans to fit every type of customer. To help choose the best virtual business phone system for your business, take into account the features, integration and usage you expect out of your system. From there, you'll be able to match your needs to the provider that fits that criteria.