Dynamic Number Insertion & International Numbers


International toll free numbers are a valuable business asset for two big reasons:

First, an international toll free number allows customers in a specific geographic region to call your business at no charge to them. For example: a company in India might choose to advertise a US toll free number to customers in the United States. Callers in the US can dial the number free of charge, and the call is routed back to the business in India.

Second, international numbers (both local and toll free) can help businesses establish a local presence. And since many customers feel more comfortable doing business with local companies, this is an important advantage.

But, let's say that your company does business in over 10 countries, and you've purchased an international toll free or local number for each one.

How do you use those numbers to market to specific geographic audiences without listing them on your website all at once?

There are a few ways that you can display international toll free and local phone numbers on your website to visitors in a particular geographic location, but the most frequently used technique is called dynamic number insertion (DNI).

What is dynamic number insertion?

Dynamic number insertion is a strategy frequently used to measure the impact of digital marketing efforts on inbound telephone calls. While this technique is most often used for the purpose of tracking the success of various digital marketing channels, DNI can also be used to display a specific number to potential callers in a specific geographic location.

How does dynamic number insertion work?

Let's review a real life example of how dynamic number insertion can help you use your international numbers more effectively:

You are the owner and founder of a growing SEO company in India. The company has grown quickly, and you now have customers around the world. You have had the most success acquiring and retaining customers in Germany and Australia, so you decide to purchase international numbers for those countries.

Using DNI, you can ensure that potential leads in Germany who click on your pay-per-click (PPC) ads are routed to a page with a Germany international toll free number.

And dynamic number insertion is not just limited to PPC. It can be used to display particular numbers based on the geographic location of each website visitor, regardless of the source of their visit.

Using Your International Numbers

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