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Despite the ever-changing global marketplace, one principle remains the same: new business means new customers. And to acquire new customers, your business needs flexible and affordable communications solutions that grow and evolve with your business.

Once upon a time, many small to medium-sized businesses struggled to achieve truly global communications. Only the biggest enterprises could afford the hardware, installation, and maintenance costs associated with traditional, on-premise solutions. But with advances in cloud communications software, all businesses - no matter how big or small - can access the global marketplace. Virtual phone numbers, cloud phone systems, and virtual call center solutions are just a few of the tools that today's businesses can use to expand their reach and target new customers without increasing communications spend.

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Cloud Communications Software Supports International Businesses

With cloud communications solutions, your international business can:

  • Scale quickly, easily, and affordably
  • Leverage existing hardware and equipment
  • Maintain business continuity across geographic borders

But, how do cloud communications really support global expansion? Let's look at a real life example:

Imagine that you have a business in Delhi, India. Your employees are located throughout India as well as the United States. And while you cater to many customers in India, you also have a customer base in the United States and the United Kingdom.

In the past, your business would have been forced to purchase on-site PBX technology for each of your offices in India and the USA. And to serve your UK-based customers, you'd need to open a new UK branch with on-premises equipment.

But with cloud communications software, you don't have to go through the hassle of negotiating with individual vendors and carriers in each country. Instead, you rely on a single VoIP provider who facilitates your business's global communications.

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