How to Get a 1300 Number in Australia

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A telephone number provides an indispensable bridge of communication between a business and its customers. Even with the evolution of business tools like email and instant chat, phone calls remain the most personal and time efficient form of communication. And with Australia 1300 numbers, inexpensive, borderless communication is even easier. In this article, AVOXI discuss how to get a 1300 number for businesses and the cost benefits.

Why Companies Buy 1300 Numbers in Australia

Australia 1300 numbers give businesses a professional image while providing customers with a single point of contact. The ten-digit virtual inbound numbers are a popular alternative to 1800 toll free numbers. The only other country that offers national 1300 phone numbers for business is Malaysia. In Australia, 1300 numbers are also known as "local call" numbers. Unlike 1800 toll free numbers, 1300 numbers are "shared cost" numbers, meaning that the business splits the charges with the caller. Calls from landlines charge the caller a local call rate, while a caller’s mobile carrier determines the rate for mobile calls.

How Much Is a 1300 Number in Australia?

When looking to purchase 1300 numbers, you quickly find that there is a wide selection of providers in the market. When comparing 1300 number plans, there are a few important questions you to ask, such as:

  • What are the set-up costs?
  • What is the monthly subscription fee?
  • Are packaged plans that bundle minutes with the monthly subscription available?
  • What are the per-minute call rates?
  • Is there a fixed contract?
  • Does the plan or number include standard features? What are those features? And which features cost extra?

What Are the Set-up Costs to Buy a 1300 number?

1300 numbers require no additional hardware or complicated onsite installation. Some providers do, however, charge a set-up fee on select plans. The cost varies between providers and packages, so be sure to ask upfront.

 What Is the Monthly Subscription Fee?

Plans vary by provider, but they typically cover a broad selection designed for businesses both large and small. Popular options include plans offering Pay-as-you-go, Bundled Minutes, and Unlimited calls.

Pay-as-you go plans generally suit businesses with lower call volume—offering 1300 phone numbers for a set monthly fee and low per minute rates. “Bundled Minute” packages typically include a set number of minutes bundled with a monthly subscription fee. There are per minute rates charged for any call minute overages. Large corporations and businesses with high call volume often purchase an “Unlimited” calling package. Unlike the Bundled Minute plans, you pay a set monthly subscription free with no additional charges for minutes. However, these unlimited minutes are generally subject to fair use policies established by the provider.

As an example, AVOXI’s Business Classic offer is a pay as you go plan that starts at $7.99 (USD) per month. A bundled minute plan, Business Basic, offers 168 minutes bundle for $12.49 (USD) per month. Based on expected call volume, AVOXI 1300 number packages offer the same rates for mobile as for fixed land line calls. Many providers increase per minute rates for mobile. High call volume plans are available with custom quotes including even lower per-minute pricing.

What Are the Additional Per-minute Call Rates on Bundled Packages?

Most providers offer reduced per-minute rates in their bundled packages to cover any overage or additional minutes used. The rates for those additional minutes fluctuate between providers with most charging lower rates on higher bundled minute plans.

Is There a Fixed Contract?

When you get a 1300 number, most providers have no minimum contract term, but cancellation fees typically apply for ending your service before 12 months.

Features to Expect with Your 1300 Number Plan

Typically, Australia 1300 numbers come with a standard set of features. Providers differ, but the majority of plans include business-class features such as call forwarding, time of day call routing, voicemail service, call handling, and dial-by-name directory.

Advanced business features are normally only available on premium packages or as “add on” options with additional subscription fees. Advanced features include services such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and extended call recording.

When you get 1300 numbers with AVOXI, all plans include 20+ VoIP business features such as, advanced call forwarding, call recording, IVR, call queuing, and more!

The benefits of virtual 1300 numbers make them a cost-effective investment for businesses of all sizes and diversities around Australia.

How to Get a 1300 Number in Australia

Companies like AVOXI make it easy to get 1300 numbers for your business. Whether you want to buy 1300 numbers through an Online Shopping Cart or speak with directly with a specialist, be sure to review the key factors for reviewing 1300 number service providers:

  • Compare each provider’s monthly fees, set-up costs, and per-minute rates.
  • Make sure you ask which business phone features come with your package.
  • Ask if any of the features you need incur add-on charges.
  • Check to see if the provider allows you to test the call quality of your Australia 1300 number before signing a contract.

Purchasing a 1300 number in Australia is a simple process when you select the provider that best meets your business requirements.

Choosing the Right 1300 Number Provider

While 1300 numbers build a professional image for any business with customers in Australia, choosing the right provider lets you reap the full rewards. Reliable and convenient low-cost calls promote customer confidence versus poor call quality and dropped calls. When comparing providers, customer service availability and coverage is another factor when finalizing your purchase decision. Reputable providers generally publish information about customer support accessibility and hours of coverage.

With almost 20 years of experience in the communication industry, AVOXI established direct partnerships with multiple Australia number carriers and continues to deliver competitive rates and leading customer support.

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