How the Cloud Helps with Disaster Recovery

With winter weather hitting many of our customers, it’s important that we discuss disaster recovery. Powerful winter storms have already hit several major cities leaving many businesses disrupted and unable to operate. Those with Cloud phone systems, however, understand its advantages in these types of scenarios. In this article we’ll discuss how the Cloud helps with disaster recovery and how it can keep your business running even under the worst conditions.

Take your business anywhere

The Cloud takes your phone system and makes it accessible anywhere. As long as you have a strong Internet connection, you can fully utilize your service and all its available features.

This is extremely important in a disaster situation. If a storm leaves you unable to get to your office or even damages your physical office building, you’ll still be able to run your phone system and keep the channels of communication open in your business.

Reroute your customers

For companies with multiple office locations, you may not experience a disaster at each office. The Cloud is still extremely useful in these scenarios as well.

With a Cloud phone system, you can transfer all business from your damaged office to an office that can take over for the time being. This creates little downtime for your customers and helps take the pressure off while you start the recovery period.

Your files are safe

One thing that our customers are constantly worried about is data loss during a disaster. But with the Cloud, your information isn’t stored on site at your office; it’s stored on secure servers accessible on the Internet.

Even if your office building is completely destroyed, your data won’t be. Rest assured that your information is kept safe with the Cloud.

Manage all communications

When a disaster strikes, communication is key. Your employees and customers will be looking at you for updates and progress on the situation. The Cloud opens these channels of communications by allowing for notifications to your employees and customers. With these notifications, you can inform employees of updated work schedules or work locations and you can keep your customers up to date on your current status of your company and how they may be impacted.

Disasters can gravely impact a business. A loss of business and data puts a big strain on a company but with the Cloud, you'll no longer have to be concerned. Take your business to the Cloud and always be prepared for a worst case scenario.