SimpleTexting Review (2020) Pricing, Rates and Reviews

simpletexting review

Ever since adding business texting to our growing list of product features, we get plenty of questions about text message marketing solutions. No single SMS platform is perfect for everyone, so we have no problem recommending other texting services when called for. That's why we put together this SimpleTexting review. After comparing several of the best text messaging services out there, including Textedly, EZ Texting, and TXT180, our team chose SimpleTexting as their top pick for customers looking for more advanced SMS platforms.

SimpleTexting is a dedicated text marketing service for companies of all sizes. Despite offering several advanced SMS features, their easy-to-use interface makes for a remarkably simple text message service experience. SimpleTexting's pricing is incredibly affordable, especially when considering text marketing features such as bulk texting, shortcode messaging, and SMS API, as well as integrations with services like Mailchimp and Zapier. Our review of SimpleTexting includes:

  • An overview of SimpleTexting's platform feature set
  • SimpleTexting pricing, including available rates and included features
  • Comparisons of SimpleTexting reviews from trusted domains like Capterra, G2, and Software Advice

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SimpleTexting, originally founded in New York in 2010, is a text message marketing firm. In today's mobile society, chances are, your potential customers are tied to their phones, and texting more than ever. SimpleTexting makes it easy to reach your target audience quickly and affordably.

They offer an easy to navigate UI, where you can simply click on features in order to use them on a particular campaign. Below is a sample of what their user interface looks like on various platforms.


Review of SimpleTexting’s Features

SimpleTexting offers a very robust set of features to accompany their SMS and text marketing services. Below, we will go over some of their top features and give a brief description of what that particular feature is and how it could benefit your business.

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2-Way Messaging

Simpletexting allows you to receive messages from customers (which are free!) as well as respond to them, all from their easy to use interface. You can add internal notes, snooze conversations, send downloadable links, and provide better support.

Scheduled Texts

Scheduled texting is exactly as it sounds: scheduling important text messages, whether it be a single text or bulk texts. With this freedom, you can easily create all your important messages and get them queued up all at once. This feature works very well in tandem with their autoresponse feature, which we will dive into a little later on.

Keyword and Short Code Texts

Texting with shortcodes and keywords is a great way to get your audience engaged. Keywords and shortcodes work in tandem, for example, a marketing campaign may read "Text FOOD to 58499" in order to receive updates for a particular business (in this case, a restaurant). You can use shortcode in other ways as well, such as text to vote, text to win and with different triggers, which we will dive into later.


With autoresponse, SimpleTexting allows you to easily send users a predetermined automated message after subscribing to a particular list. This is a great way to send delayed messages with coupons or tips to help continually generate interest from your customers.

Custom Fields

Custom fields are great for delivering personalized messages without sounding like you're sending it to thousands of people. It works with SimpleTexting's data collection tool, where you can easily import and gather information about your subscribers, like phone number, name, zip code, and gender.

Link Tracking

Link tracking allows you to see, in real time, who is clicking on your links and how often it is happening, allowing you to make tweaks to your campaigns on the fly. You can even segment your subscribers by who clicked on a link and who didn't!

Bulk SMS (Mass Texting)

One of the main benefits of choosing a provider such as SimpleTexting is the ability to send mass texts. You can send a text message to thousands of recipients, all with the click of a button. Per SimpleTexting's website, 90% of mass texts are opened within 3 minutes, and nearly 100% are opened at one point or another! With most consumers attached to their devices at all times, bulk texting is a great cost-effective way to connect with your audience.


One of the main benefits of choosing a provider such as SimpleTexting is the ability to send mass texts. You can send a text message to thousands of recipients, all with the click of a button. Per SimpleTexting's website, 90% of mass texts are opened within 3 minutes, and nearly 100% are opened at one point or another! With most consumers attached to their devices at all times, bulk texting is a great cost-effective way to connect with your audience.

Link Shorten

If you plan to send links via SMS to your customers, you don't have to worry about a long link taking up most of your characters in your message! With their link shortener, you can make long URLs take up only 20 characters! Once you have your message ready to go, insert your link, hit "shorten" in the top right corner, and your link automatically be replaced with a short link.

Extended Messaging

In addition to all their other messaging options, SimpleTexting also offers extended messaging, allowing you to send messages up to 304 characters as one message. Normally, texts can only be received in 160 character increments, but SimpleTexting has upped that so you can include plenty of details and make your marketing campaigns as descriptive as possible. Each extended message uses two credits instead of one.

Text to Win, Text to Vote, and Polling

Using your SMS as a way for subscribers to enter contests, vote for something, or ask a poll. With the text to win feature, you can text a keyword to a shortcode number, and automatically be entered into a particular contest (and the best part is, SimpleTexting automates the entire process for you!

With text to vote, you simply have your audience text a keyword to your number, and they will receive a message with multiple-choice options to choose from. Once they submit their vote, they will automatically receive the real-time results of the poll!

Polling your subscribers is similar to text to vote, where you can ask a question and have your subscribers choose which answer they prefer. The main difference is polling allows you to survey your existing subscribers, whereas text to vote is designed to attract new subscribers.

SimpleTexting Integrations

SimpleTexting has a long list of integrations that they have seamlessly integrated into their app. MailChimp integrates your email and text message marketing, by synchronizing your lists on both apps. With Zapier, you can quickly integrate thousands of apps with the click of a button, such as Salesforce, Slack, Shopify, Google Calendar, and more!

SimpleTexting Analytics

SimpleTexting's analytics allow you to see all the important stats you need to know in order to assess how successful your marketing campaigns are. You can quickly see how many new subscribers you've gained, how often your links are getting clicked, and how many messages were sent per list. You can see all of this data in a nice clean report, located in the SimpleTexting dashboard.

SimpleTexting Pricing

SimpleTexting pricing is split into seven different plans, with varying amounts of "credits." Each credit is used for outgoing SMS messages (as opposed to an additional per-minute rate), with regular outbound messages requiring 1 credit, extended outbound messages (up to 304 characters) requiring 2 credits, and MMS (pictures) requiring 3 credits. The larger your plan, the lower your average rate per text. SimpleTexting offers a 14-day free trial for you to test out the service.

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Their pricing structure is as follows:

  • 500 credits: $25 per month, $0.045 per additional credit
  • 1,000 credits: $45 per month, $0.045 per additional credit
  • 2,000 credits: $75 per month, $0.035 per additional credit
  • 3,000 credits: $95 per month, $0.030 per additional credit
  • 7,500 credits: $145 per month, $0.02 per additional credit
  • 25,000 credits: $375 per month$, $0.015 per additional credit
  • 50,000 credits: $625 per month, $0.0125 per additional credit

If you expect to send more than 50,000 SMS messages per month, contact SimpleTexting for a custom quote.

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Every SimpleTexting pricing plan includes a solid set of business texting features, including:

  • Free incoming SMS messages
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Free local or toll free number, or bring your own number
  • Shortcode access
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Rollover unused credits

SimpleTexting is only available in the United States and Canada, and supports all major phone carriers in those countries. Additionally, they offer discounts for qualified tax-exempt organizations, such as churches and non-profits.

SimpleTexting Reviews from Trusted Domains

Since we are by no means the only review of SimpleTexting available today, we went ahead and grabbed a few from popular review sites for you! We only took reviews from known domains, who review a wide range of software.

Capterra Reviews

Capterra, one of the most popular online aggregator and review sites, gave SimpleTexting a very solid 4.8/5 stars with 81 reviews. Not only do they go into detail about features, they give direct comparisons to some of SimpleTexting's competitors.

simpletexting reviews g2

G2 Reviews

G2, who awarded SimpleTexting a Fall Leader for 2019, gave them 4.5/5 stars with 149 different reviews of the product. Like Capterra, this is a very solid score. G2 also provides screenshots of SimpleTexting screenshots to get a better understanding of what their interface looks like.

simpletexting reviews capterra

Software Advice

Software Advice gives SimpleTexting another great score of 4.77/5 stars with 81 reviews. Like the other rating sites, they offer screenshots of SimpleTexting's interface, and also offer a nice comparison tool to compare their services to alternatives.

simpletexting reviews

Our Review of SimpleTexting

All in all, we are impressed by SimpleTexting's platform. It's affordable, easy-to-use, and includes plenty of advanced features for your text message marketing campaigns. Judging by the reviews of SimpleTexting on platforms like G2, Capterra, and Software advice, other users have had a similar experience. If you're looking for a more advanced SMS text marketing platform that includes features like link tracking and bulk SMS, we'll end our SimpleTexting review by giving them a big thumbs up!