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Video: Inbound Calling

This whiteboard session describes the origination and termination components of inbound calls: Script: Hey folks, welcome back to another whiteboard session here at AVOXI. So today we’re going to go over how inbound calling actually works and explain some of the terminology that we use for you to better understand how it works. Behind me…

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Forwarding Calls on VoIP

For businesses with locations and customers all around the world, call forwarding is an essential VoIP feature.  Not only will this feature help your callers will reach the right agent or department sooner, call forwarding can also help you manage your employees’ call volume and workload. In this quick overview of forwarding calls on VoIP, we’ll…

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Problems With Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is one of the most widely requested VoIP features for businesses around the world.  But despite its popularity, users sometimes experience issues with this feature.  To help users address these concerns, we’ll discuss problems with call forwarding and how these problems can be quickly and easily solved to avoid future issues. Problems with…

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Top 5 VoIP Telephony Features a Must Have for Your Business

Whether your business already has a VoIP phone system or you’re in the market for one, you’re probably wondering which calling features you should invest in. That’s a legitimate concern. With 20+ features available, it can be difficult choosing the features that are best for your business. In this article we’ll talk about the top…

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How Much Does Toll Free Forwarding Cost?

Toll Free Forwarding is an essential feature for modern day businesses. However, depending on a number of factors, the price for this feature can vary quite a bit. In this article we’ll discuss what Toll Free Forwarding is, the factors effect the price and the final costs you’ll encounter when using this feature. What is Toll Free Forwarding? Toll…

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How Much Does Call Forwarding Cost?

Call Forwarding is essential for businesses constantly on the go. Never miss a call with this must have calling feature. AVOXI addresses call forwarding cost. With companies on-the-go like never before, features like call forwarding keep you connected to business no matter where you are. Call forwarding is a calling feature that allows you to…

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