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4 Ways Travel Agencies Provide End-to-End Service with the Cloud

Like any other B2C industry, online travel agencies and services must support their prospects before and after any transaction occurs. Travelers require expert support while choosing and booking their flights and reservations. And once travelers arrive at their destinations, they require a quick and easy way to contact their travel services provider with questions or…

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Problems with Call Routing

Call routing is an essential tool for any successful business or call center.  Depending on the settings you configure, such as time of day or geographic location, you can use call routing to ensure that customers are connected with the right agent at the right time – every time! If your automated call routing settings…

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How to Solve Problems with Time of Day Routing

One of the most popular VoIP features is time of day routing.  This feature allows you to route incoming calls to different locations depending on the time of day that a call is made. Much like call forwarding, time of day call routing can be used to direct calls to a voice messaging system or a…

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