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How Much Does a VoIP Phone System Cost?

Recently, we refreshed information in our post, “How Quickly Can You Convert to Cloud VoIP?” If you plan to convert to a business VoIP phone service, the next question is about cost. Here’s our update on how much a VoIP phone system costs. Options for implementing VoIP services are expanding—now you have three options: hosted,…

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How Quickly Can You Convert to Cloud VoIP?

AVOXI deployed 100s and 100s of Cloud VoIP communication systems since the publishing of this post. We thought it time to update information and note if setup options and ease of operations changed in the past 3 years. It’s still true that Voice over IP (VoIP) offers a quick and easy option for your business…

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What are the Top Problems with Implementing a Cloud Hosted PBX?

At AVOXI, we’ve helped thousands of businesses upgrade their on premise phone systems to a cloud hosted PBX. We know that change can be hard. Still, many businesses are surprised by the problems that arise when implementing a cloud hosted PBX. This is especially true if they are new to SaaS (Software as a Service)…

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