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Supporting International Customers: A Customer Support Perspective

In today’s global economy, diverse doesn’t even begin to describe the average customer base. And thanks to VoIP telephony, it’s easy and affordable to reach international customers. But, advanced communications technology doesn’t make it any easier to communicate with customers when there is a culture or language barrier. At AVOXI, we understand. Our customer base…

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How to Grow Your Business Globally with VoIP Software

The limitations of on-premise communications solutions are a thing of the past. With advances in VoIP software, your business can reach customers anywhere in the world, no matter where your headquarters are actually based. Thanks to cloud-based communications, your business doesn’t have to set up shop in another country in order to tap into its…

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[eBook] Global Communications Made Simple

Despite the ever-changing global marketplace, one principle remains the same: new business means new customers. And to acquire new customers, your business needs flexible and affordable communications solutions that grow and evolve with your business. Once upon a time, many small to medium-sized businesses struggled to achieve truly global communications. Only the biggest enterprises could…

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Considering VoIP for Business: A Guide for International Companies

Remember when only the largest companies could afford to be truly global? We do, too. Before the VoIP for business revolution, these mega-companies had to open physical offices in markets where their international prospects and customers were located. And in order to communicate with those contacts, these same companies had to invest a fortune in…

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Your Call Center Checklist for Global Expansion

In today’s global economy, expanding your business doesn’t mean opening a new office across town. Many growing businesses have customers around the world. And to serve those customers, they need to be able to communicate with customers anywhere, anytime. No matter how carefully you prepare, your business will run into roadblocks along the path to…

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How to Translate Voicemail to Email Records in Multiple Languages

Online audio transcription services make it easy to translate voicemail to email records in multiple languages. These easy-to-use online tools can help your employees avoid language barriers and keep your business running smoothly. If you’re running an international business, chances are you have customers from every corner of the globe. And while you might have a…

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