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How to Port Your Phone Number from One Carrier to Another

For many instances, you may find yourself searching for a new carrier for your phone number. Whether their prices have gotten too high or their service isn’t up to par, it’s important to recognize that you have options when it comes to your carrier. A lot of customers come to us from other carriers and are…

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Who Owns Your Toll Free Number?

You’ve just purchased a Toll Free number. But do you own it? For a company, ownership of your Toll Free number is extremely important. If you one day decide to switch providers or services, it’s essential that your company be able to keep your number. After all, it’s the phone number you advertise to your customers.…

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Why Do I Have To Pay For NASC?

When a company decides to change carriers and they want to keep their phone number, there is a process that they must go through in order to successfully do that. Regardless of whether they’re making the switch due to cost, reliability or carrier relations, the decision comes with some work and sometimes extra costs. In this article,…

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