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How Do UIFN Numbers Work?

UIFN numbers are a useful tool for businesses searching for ways to communicate with prospects and customers in multiple countries. Officially known as Universal International Freephone Numbers, are much like international toll free phone numbers in that they are free for customers to dial. But, unlike international toll free phone numbers, they can be dialed from…

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Which Type of Phone Number is Right For You?

With the amount of phone numbers on the market today, it can be hard to decipher which number you or your business actually needs. From calling restrictions to pricing, each number comes with it’s own set of specifics. There’s no type of number that will work everywhere worldwide; there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution. To help…

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Customers often ask, “What makes more sense for my business, a UIFN number or an ITFS number and what’s the difference?” ITFS stands for International Toll Free Service. An ITFS number is the international equivalent of a US Toll Free number in that it allows a customer to call a business and have the business…

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What is a Universal International Freephone Number?

With so many types of numbers on the market, we’re often asked to differentiate between each one. We’re happy to oblige! Today we’ll talk about what a Universal International Freephone Number is and the advantages and disadvantages behind using one of these numbers. Virtual Numbers: Universal International Freephone Number A Universal International Freephone Number, or UIFN,…

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Who Can Call My Phone Number?

Here at AVOXI, we sell a variety of different numbers. From DID to Toll Free, we have numbers for almost every location in the world. Because of this, our customers often wonder, “who can call my phone number?” It’s an important question to ask. Depending on the type of number you purchase, there are certain restrictions involved. We decided…

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