With so many types of numbers on the market, we’re often asked to differentiate between each one. We’re happy to oblige! Today we’ll talk about what a Universal International Freephone Number is and the advantages and disadvantages behind using one of these numbers.

Virtual Numbers: Universal International Freephone Number

A Universal International Freephone Number, or UIFN, is similar to an International Toll Free Number. But with a UIFN, this one number can be called from multiple countries around the world. Like a Toll Free Number, the customers calling this number won’t be charged for the call. Instead, the called party will be charged. The numbers look the same regardless of which country is dialing the number. They start with 00800 followed by 8 digits.


There are a number of advantages to having a Universal Freephone Number. For starters, if you have customers in multiple countries, this allows you to advertise one phone number that they're all able to call. Another advantage to a UIFN is that Vanity Numbers are available. A Vanity Number is a phone number that ends with a word or phrase that stands for the called party. For example, our number here at AVOXI is 1-800 GO AVOXI.


The unfortunate disadvantage to a UIFN number is that it’s only available in roughly 40 countries worldwide. If your customers are only located in these 40 countries, a UIFN may be a good option for you. However, if you have customers outside those countries, you’ll need another number for them to call.

If you’re interested in a Universal Toll Free Number, you need to do research and fully understand where your customers are located. UIFN numbers, though sometimes tricky, can be extremely useful for businesses who’s customers reside in the 40 available countries.

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