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VPN Use in a VoIP System

Cloud communications provides full-featured phone services over the Internet. Additional security is often a concern. This whiteboard session addresses the use of VPNs to address that concern. Also, review the SIP Trunking and Gateway whiteboard sessions and gain insight on how all the pieces work together. Transcript: Hey guys, welcome back to another installment of…

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Who Can Benefit from a VoIP Gateway Solution?

With the increased availability of broadband service for the Internet, it is no surprise that traditional phone systems are quickly becoming an item of the past. Replacing your existing phone system seems like an expensive and complicated feat; however, the transition to Voice over IP (Internet Protocol), or VoIP, is actually quite simple. A common…

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How Much Does a VPN Solution Cost?

Companies of all sizes in all industries have privacy concerns. The need to conduct business securely and to assure customers that their data is protected drives interest in tools like a VPN. The tool is easy to use and focuses on the importance of security and privacy. But if you’re new to this tool, you are…

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Integrated Cloud Solutions: The Grace Bay Story

Learn how an award-winning luxury resort, used AVOXI’s integrated cloud solutions to reduce costs, while enhancing the overall customer satisfaction of their guests. For Grace Bay Resorts, every guest (or prospective guest) is to be treated as a VIP. To do so, Grace Bay relies heavily on communication solutions to route calls appropriately, keep guests…

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Overcoming Challenges with VPN Technology

While cloud-based communication allows for full-featured telephony services over the Internet, security requirements may require use of a VPN to prevent vulnerabilities if connections require strict security measures. Additionally, different regions have strict protocols for using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technologies. VPN Key Benefits Secure connection for multi-office locations Remote employees connect securely to…

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8 Security Measures You Need For VoIP

Voice over IP or VoIP allows for full-featured telephone services over the Internet, thus providing lower costs, greater numbers of services, and hosted operations (in the cloud). However, this type of operation pushes many of the security requirements formerly handled by a company and its telco to a VoIP services provider who can be vulnerable…

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