How Much Does a VPN Solution Cost?

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Companies of all sizes in all industries have privacy concerns. As providers of call management software, we understand the need to conduct business securely and to assure customers that their data is protected drives interest in tools like a VPN. The tool is easy to use and focuses on the importance of security and privacy. But if you’re new to this tool, you are probably unsure about the specifics behind it and its cost. To help familiarize you with a VPN, we’ll look at what is a VPN, the cost of a VPN solution, and the various VPN options.

What is a VPN and How Does It Work?

A VPN, or virtual private network, allows you to connect securely to the Internet using a server run by your provider. All the information you access over the Internet using a VPN is encrypted for privacy. This means your activity is hidden from your ISP and anyone else that may be monitoring you.

But VPNs are not just used for privacy. By using a VPN, you can change your geo-location to access different worldwide information and even connect to remote data centers that may be important to your company.

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Should Your Company Utilize a VPN?

Absolutely. There are a number of reasons why your company could benefit from utilizing a VPN.

For a company, a VPN helps secure your Internet browsing by encrypting it. All incoming and outgoing information is encrypted to a certain level. That helps maintain privacy—essential for any business—if connecting to unsecure and untrusted Internet networks.

It’s also a great tool for employees needing to access company resources when they're out of the office. A VPN solution allows you to set up a network that mimics your network on-site.

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How Much Does a VPN Solution Cost?

Like most modern technology, there are a variety of providers that offer VPN service. When considering a provider, you should keep a few things in mind. You want to have access to important features, a good server location, high connectivity and a competitive price.

There are free options available for a VPN. However, these typically come with ads and lack the reliability or commitment to privacy than a paid subscription. A free version also may not accommodate the number of users that your business has.

The paid options for a VPN are generally offered at a per-month fee as part of a subscription. You can find options for around $7 a month or a yearly cost of around $50. Plans are available at premium rates if you needed added encryption or security. This can boost the cost to around $70 a year in comparison.

Variety of VPN Options

There are a variety of options for a VPN solution. There is no “one-size-fits-all” option that works for all businesses.

If you require every computer in your office to have a VPN, you should explore options that allow you to pay per-user. These fees are around the same cost that we discussed above but instead, it is per-user, per-month. You can find options as low as $3 a month.

For a large set up, you may want to choose a company that provides full customer support as well. Customer support usually helps with all set up requirements, answers any questions you have and troubleshoots issues you may experience while using the solution. Full, in-depth support is not typically offered by a free VPN solution provider. So, if this kind of customer service is essential for your business, make sure you select a company that makes this a priority.

VPN and VoIP

When paired with VoIP gateway services, a VPN ensures that your business call data is safe and secure. Frequently used for multi-office locations, the pairing of services helps minimize bandwidth usage and usually increases call quality.

AVOXI offers this paired solution for a number of larger customers that use their existing PBX and phone systems to leverage VoIP communications while maintaining secure, encrypted call data.

There is a lot to consider when you’re shopping for a VPN solution for your business. You need a reliable option that guarantees true encryption and security. Just as important as those characteristics is the price. As we mentioned, there are free options available that can give you a first-hand look at this tool without a large monetary commitment. But for a reliable and more secure solution, your company should definitely consider using a subscription service for a well-enabled VPN solution.

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