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aircall competitors and alterntives

When you’re looking to buy a virtual phone number for your call center or business, you have to consider a lot of different options. In this post, we will take an in-depth look at Aircall. In this post, we will review Aircall pricing and features, as well as the best Aircall alternatives and competitors! If you feel as if we may have missed something, then please do not hesitate to reach out! We are always updating our information to be as helpful as possible! 

Overview of Aircall

Founded in 2014, Aircall is a cloud-based telephony provider that offers virtual number services in over 100 countries worldwide! With an estimated yearly revenue of $10 million, Aircall is a well established cloud based contact center software. Based out of Paris, France, Aircall offers both local and international toll free numbers.

Aircall has generally positive reviews from sites such as G2, Capterra and Trustpilot:


How Aircall Pricing Works

Aircall offers both yearly and monthly subscription options, with their monthly plan being a little more expensive than their yearly plan. Their packages will range anywhere from $30 - $70/month per user. Each package comes with one phone number, but you also have the option to buy additional phone numbers for $6/month. One other thing to note about Aircall's pricing: there is a 3 seat minimum in both of their packages, so you cannot just buy one $30 package.

Additionally, they do not offer bundled talk minutes as many competitors do. Though they do offer free inbound calling (with the exception of toll free), you will have to pay a per minute rate for outbound calling.

Aircall Call Center Software Pricing

Aircall offers 2 standard pricing packages for your businesses needs, with the option to set up a custom solution. According to Getapp, they offer month to month pricing in addition to their yearly rate, but we could not find this information for ourselves. Their pricing is as follows:

Essentials Plan:

  • $30/month per user (minimum 3 users)
    • $40/month per user if billed monthly
  • Includes one local or toll free number (additional numbers can be purchased for $6/month per number)
  • 1 year of data recording is included
  • Outbound calls are billed by the minute, and prices for certain countries can only be obtained by contacting sales

Professional Plan:

  • $50/month per user (minimum 3 users)
    • $70/month per user if billed monthly
  • Includes one local or toll free number (additional numbers can be purchased for $6/month per number)
  • Unlimited data recording
  • Outbound calls are billed by the minute, and these prices for certain countries can only be obtained by contacting sales

This is not a bad price point for the services they offer, but be sure to note that you will need at least 3 users for each plan, so if you are a small business with limited employees, you may want to look into another provider who does not require a minimum amount of users.

Aircall Call Rates

If you have a multinational business, you understand the importance of having an international presence. Being able to get in touch with potential clients and existing customers is of the utmost importance. Aircall offers international numbers in 100 countries around the world, so you can always have a local presence, no matter where your customers are located. Not only do they offer a large array of countries, Aircall also offers unlimited outbound calling in the United States, Canada, UK, and France. Inbound calling is free, with the exception of toll free calls. Here are some of their advertised outbound calling rates:

  • USA/Canada - $0.03/landline or mobile minute (average for 10 hours is $5)
  • UK - $0.03/landline minute, $0.066/mobile minute (average for 10 hours is $6)
  • France - $0.03/landline or mobile minute (average for 10 hours is $5.52)
  • Germany - $0.033/landline or mobile minute (average for 10 hours is $5.52)
  • Spain - $0.033/landline minute, $0.088/mobile minute (average for 10 hours is $6.62)
US/Canada Outbound Rate $0.022/minute $0.007/minute $0.01/minute $0.03/minute
UK Outbound Rate $0.028/minute $0.007/minute $0.02/minute $0.03/minute
France Outbound Rate $0.026/minute $0.007/minute $0.02/minute $0.03/minute
Germany Outbound Rate $0.024/minute $0.008/minute $0.02/minute $0.033/minute
Spain Outbound Rate $0.026/minute $0.008/minute $0.02/minute $0.033/minute

Depending on your call volume, some international number providers may provide more competitive rates. Instead of having to sift through dozens of websites and request pricing forms, we did that for you. These top alternatives will provide international numbers in most major calling destinations, and offer fairly competitive rates.


Freshcaller offers international numbers in a good amount of international destinations, and offer an extremely competitive rate. Here are some inbound and outbound rates in popular countries:*

  • USA/Canada:
    • Inbound: $0.016/minute
    • Outbound: $0.022/minute
    • Voicemail: $0.014/minute
  • UK:
    • Inbound: $0.018/minute
    • Outbound: $0.028/minute
    • Voicemail: $0.016/minute
  • France:
    • Inbound: $0.018/minute
    • Outbound: $0.026/minute
    • Voicemail: $0.016/minute
  • Germany:
    • Inbound: $0.016/minute
    • Outbound: $0.024/minute
    • Voicemail: $0.016/minute
  • Spain:
    • Inbound: $0.018/minute
    • Outbound: $0.026/minute
    • Voicemail: $0.016/minute

*All prices are under the assumption you are answering your calls on a VoIP phone. Additionally, this pricing is for local numbers only. There is also a monthly charge for the phone number, typically $1 or $2 per month. Other charges, where applicable:

aircall alternatives


AVOXI offers international phone numbers in over 150 countries worldwide, making them one of the top international number providers in terms of coverage. Whether you're looking for a hard to find destination, or competitive rates, AVOXI should be considered when looking for an international local or toll free number. Unlike some of the other providers, AVOXI offers both local and toll free international numbers in many of their service locations. They also offer bundled talk packages in addition to their pay as you go options. In order to get a much more in-depth look at their pricing and number availability, check out the shopping cart! Here are some of their rates in popular countries:

  • USA/Canada
    • Toll free: $4.49 - $70.99/month, 0 - 7522 minutes/month
    • Local: Offered in every major city in the US/Canada, per minute rates start as low as $0.007/minute*
  • UK:
    • Toll free: $7.99 - $133.99/month, 0 - 2470 minutes/month
    • Local: Offered in most major cities in the UK, per minute rates start as low as $0.007/minute
  • France:
    • Toll free: $12.49 - $151.99/month, 0 - 2380 minutes/month
    • Local: Offered in Paris, Lyon, and Marseille, per minute rates start as low as $0.007/minute
  • Germany:
    • Toll free: $21.49 - $115.99/month, 0 - 1184 minutes/month
    • Local: Offered in most major German cities, per minute rates start as low as $0.008/minute
  • Spain: 
    • Toll free: $16.99 - $151.99/month, 0 - 619 minutes/month
    • Local: Offered in Madrid, Barcelona, and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, per minute rates start as low as $0.008/minute

*Per minute rates are calculated by dividing the bundled minutes by the package cost.

Countries Serviced 99 160+ 50+ 100
US/Canada $1/month $4.49/month $6/month $6/month
UK $1/month $4.49/month $6/month $6/month
France $1/month $4.49/month $6/month $6/month
Germany $1/month $4.49/month $7/month $6/month
Spain $2/month $4.49/month $7/month $6/month

Review of Aircall Features

Aircall touts a very strong feature set to accompany their virtual phone numbers, with some specific features that are great for call centers. They offer two different plans, Essentials and Professional, and also offer a custom plan that requires you to inquire about pricing. Here are some of their top features in their service plans:*

*All features in their Essentials plan are included in their Professional plan

Standard Aircall Features (Essentials Plan)

Features included with Aircall's Essentials plan ($30 - $40 per month):

  • IVR
  • Smart queuing
  • Ring groups
  • Extensions
  • Call recording
    • On-demand playback, inbound and outbound supported, audio transcripts also included  
  • Simple call analytics
  • Email reporting
  • Parallel calls
  • Conference calling
  • Call forwarding
  • Warm transfers
  • Pause-resume recording
  • CRM integrations plus more!

Aircall Premium Features (Professional Plan)

  • Queue callback
  • Call monitoring 
  • Call whisper
  • Advanced analytics
  • Unlimited analytics history
  • PowerDialer
  • Unlimited concurrent calls
  • Unlimited callers in queue
  • Salesforce integration
  • Dedicated account manager
  • One on one onboarding

They also offer varying levels of customer support to go along with their plans. You'll get the basics with their Essentials plan - help center access and email/phone support. With their professional package, you will get access to their VIP hotline, and account manager and custom onboarding. If you opt for their larger custom plans, you will get an SLA (service level agreement).

Now that you know what their feature set looks like, let's dive into some of these features and get a better understanding of what they are and how they can help your business.

Call Queuing

Call queuing is an important feature to look for when choosing your call center software provider. When you have a high volume of customers calling in, but a limited number of agents taking calls, call queues can help keep things organized. Think of a call queue as a virtual line. Customers who call in and are placed on hold can be greeted with any number of options, from hold music to estimated wait time. One thing to note is only five users can be in a queue with their Essentials package, while unlimited users can be in a queue in their Professional package.

Another great feature that Aircall offers in their call queuing is queued callback. Picture this-you're running errands and suddenly remember you have to call a company to ask about a warranty on a product you purchased. Instead of having to wait on hold, you can schedule a queued callback where an agent will can you back once one is available. This frees you up to continue to go about your day and not stay on hold for who knows how long.

A good call queuing feature, and specifically a good queued callback feature, can help greatly reduce abandonment rates and get customers in touch with the correct agents.

Top Alternatives

Starting Cost
Aircall $30/month (Essentials) Unlimited (Professional) Yes
Freshcaller $0/month (Basic queues) Not specified Yes
Talkdesk Custom quote Unlimited Yes
Dialpad $30/month (Pro) Unlimited Yes
AVOXI $24.99/user (Genius Contact) Unlimited Coming soon

If you feel like the call queuing feature with Aircall doesn't exactly fit your business, don't worry! Below, we are going to provide some of the top alternatives that offer a solid call queuing feature:


Freshworks offers a great call queue feature that includes queued callback as well. They offer a customizable dashboard where you can let customers know their queue position, wait time, and set callback messages. Freshworks pricing is a little more competitive than Aircall a well, offering advanced call queuing starting at $19/month, and basic call queues at $0/month (not including calling charges).

aircall call queue


Talkdesk offers a great call queuing feature, with customized queues, intelligent call queuing, voicemail, queue transfers and wait limits included. One thing to note about Talkdesk: it is mostly designed for larger enterprises and will likely carry a hefty price tag. In fact, their pricing is not available to the public, so you will need to reach out for a custom quote.


Dialpad also offers a comprehensive call queuing solution, but it requires a larger package in order to reap the benefits of call queuing. It is also highly customizable, and provides you with plenty of data and analytics in their easy to use dashboard. Pricing starts at $30/month per user.


AVOXI Genius offers call queues in their Genius Contact service plan. You can add/remove/edit users and create ringing strategies, and pricing starts at just $24.99/user per month! Queued callback is coming soon.


Using a dialer can greatly reduce downtime with your agents. Using a dialer can greatly enhance the productivity of your team. No longer do they have to scour their contacts for people to call, but rather provide your agents an easy way to quickly call many leads and accounts at once.

Using a power dialer is a great way to greatly increase the number of people your agents can call in any given amount of time. A power dialer is pretty simple, it automatically dials telephone numbers from a predetermined list, and beings new calls once an old one ends. With each call with the Aircall power dialer, you will get a screen pop filled with CRM data to provide context for your upcoming call, and you can also record notes and add follow up steps for future use. Other types of dialers include preview and predictive dialers.

Top Alternatives

Aircall $150/month (Professional) Power
Five9 Custom pricing Predictive, Power, Progressive, Preview
Voicent Varies: $47/mo - $31,000 buy-to-own Auto, Predictive
Noble Systems Custom pricing Predictive, Preview, Power, Manual, Broadcast

Finding a provider who has a power dialer isn't difficult, but you will have lots of choices and things to take into consideration. Many companies offer other forms of dialers, which can be best used for different things. Before we give a few alternatives, we will first give some background on these different dialers.

As mentioned before, a preview dialer may be used to handle high engagement calls, where the revenue per call is very high. A preview dialer will provide you all the information you need on a customer before you actually make the call. A predictive dialer is a little different, but still helps increase the number of calls your agents can handle per day. Essentially, predicts which agent will be free to take the next call, and dials the number on the agent's behalf. The dialer uses an algorithm to determine when the agent should be free, and smoothly transition them into another call. This is typically used in very low margin call center environments. A progressive dialer simply provides a variable calls to agent ratio that determines how many calls a system will need to place as reps end calls and become available.

aircall dialer


Five9 offers predictive, power, progressive and preview dialers. Five9 is a large enterprise software company, and will like cost around $200/user per month to implement. This dialer should be used in extremely large and high volume call center type environments to make it worth the cost.


Voicent provides affordable predictive and auto dialers options for businesses of all sizes. Unlike other providers, you can make a one-time payment and own the software outright. You can also "lease" the software if desired. They offer dialer with up to 100 channels, which can make thousands of calls per hour. Below is a detailed breakdown of Voicent's dialers and their buy to own and leasing pricing:

aircall power dialer

Noble Systems

By far the largest and most robust dialer software belongs to Noble Systems. They offer predictive, preview, power, manual and broadcast dialer software. Noble system only really caters to ultra-large enterprises, who will likely be making thousands upon thousands of calls per day, and need a system to handle this volume. Their product is ultra customizable, so you will need to reach out to them in order to obtain pricing.

Aircall Integrations

In the modern business world, no contact center software would be complete without a good suite of integrations to help your business flow smoothly. Aircall offers integrations with 42 different kinds of software, ranging from sales, customer support, helpdesk, CRM, business tools and eCommerce. Some of their popular integrations include:

  • Salesforce
  • Zoho
  • Pipedrive
  • Hubspot
  • Zendesk
  • Intercom
  • Zapier
  • Slack
  • Trello

Having a strong integration suite is a great way to enhance your business and help your employees provide top-notch service, no matter what industry they may work in.

Top Alternatives


If you're looking for a software that has all the integrations under the sun, it's hard to find a better option than RingCentral. Designed for large enterprises, RingCentral has almost any integration you could possibly ask for, all seamlessly embedded within your software. Some of their popular integrations include:

  • Salesforce (+Pardot)
  • Zendesk
  • Desk
  • Agile CRM
  • Marketo
  • Pipedrive
  • Trello
  • Mailchimp
  • Amazon Alexa

Plus so many more. Their integrations list is seemingly endless, so if you need some lesser-used software integrated with your office communication solution, RingCentral might be your answer. Their larger plans have some of the most robust integration suites, so reach out to RingCentral to see if they can meet your integration needs.

Final Thoughts

Aircall is an overall very solid provider of cloud call center software and virtual phone systems. As long as you can justify buying the 3 seat minimum, Aircall is definitely a great option.

Whether you're looking for the best Aircall alternatives or just an in-depth review, we hope you found what you were looking for here. We are continually updating our content, so please reach out if you feel as if we missed something. If you like Aircall, be sure to check out AVOXI's cloud contact center software, AVOXI Genius.