416 Area Code Questions & Answers

416 Area Code Numbers You ask and we answer the most common questions about 416 area code numbers! What is a 416 area code number, why are they so rare, and how can you get your own 416 phone number for business or personal use?  Toronto’s 416 Area Code in 2021 Area code 416 is…

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Best Canada SIP Trunk Providers

The 5 Best Canada SIP Trunk Providers We’re comparing 5 of Canada’s top SIP trunk service plans, based on monthly fees, VoIP call rates, ease-of-use, and more. Looking for the best Canadian SIP trunk provider? In this post, we’re comparing 5 of Canada’s top SIP trunk service plans, based on monthly fees, VoIP call rates,…

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212 Area Code Questions & Answers

212 area code

212 Area Code Number Questions & Answers AVOXI answers your 212 area code questions! What is a 212 number, why are they so rare, and how can you buy or sell 212 numbers for business or personal use? We cover all of that and more in this 212 area code FAQ. Catching Up on 212…

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Best US Toll Free Number Providers

Request Demo Talk to a Specialist Contact Us The Best US Toll Free Number Providers AVOXI compares the best US toll free number providers by reviewing pricing, strengths and weaknesses, and features for businesses seeking 800 numbers. Who Are the Top USA Toll Free Number Providers? Are you looking for a USA toll free number…

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How Much Does IVR Cost?

how much does ivr cost

How Much Does IVR Cost? An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is a pretty important component of your call center operations. And with an international strategy at hand, reliability is paramount for a successful customer experience.  So how much is this going to cost? The price will largely depend on the IVR type and VoIP…

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VirtualPhone Review and Alternatives

best virtualphone alternative

Best VirtualPhone Alternatives 2020 MightyCall Reviews, Competitor Pricing Looking for your next virtual phone number provider? If you are, you may have heard of VirtualPhone.com, a virtual phone number provider. At AVOXI, we know that there isn’t one business phone service that is ideal for every business. While we are confident in AVOXI’s service and…

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United World Telecom Review and Pricing

united world telecom review

United World Telecom Review and Top Alternatives (2020) If you’re in the middle of searching for your next business phone number provider, you may have come across United World Telecom. If you’re looking for a review and top alternatives to United World Telecom, you’ve come to the right place. At AVOXI, we strive to help…

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SimpleTexting Review

simpletexting review

SimpleTexting Review (2020) Pricing, Rates and Reviews Ever since adding business texting to our growing list of product features, we get plenty of questions about text message marketing solutions. No single SMS platform is perfect for everyone, so we have no problem recommending other texting services when called for. That’s why we put together this…

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Best Business SMS Platforms in 2020

best business sms platform

Best Business SMS Services: 2020’s Top Text Messaging Platforms Looking for the best business SMS platforms for your business? Since you found this article, you probably have a decent idea of what you need from your business texting service, as well as what you’re trying to avoid. For the purposes of this article, we assume…

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Ninja Number Review, Pricing, and Comparisons

ninjanumber review

NinjaNumber Pricing, Review 2020: Top Ninja Number Competitors! Looking for an honest NinjaNumber review? You’ve come to the right place! There isn’t a virtual phone number provider that is perfect for every company, and that includes us. While we are confident we offer some of the best business phone services for companies in 150+ countries,…

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