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Global Call Forwarding Review and Pricing

globalcallforwarding competitor review

Finding a good virtual number can be stressful work, but we are here to help. This article will provide:

  • A fair and honest overview of GlobalCallForwarding pricing and features
  • A list of GlobalCallForwarding alternatives and competitors 
  • A comparison of GlobalCallForwarding competitors

We at AVOXI believe nobody compares to us in terms of price and service, but we also realize we are not a perfect fit for everyone. We hope you find the information and comparisons in this article helpful in your search to find the best virtual number provider. We are always updating our content, so if you feel like there is something we missed, please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know!

Contents of this article include:

GlobalCallForwarding (owned by United World Telecom) provides local and toll free numbers in over 150 countries. They claim they offer instant activation, and do not require you to sign a contract when you set up service with them.

GlobalCallForwarding Pricing

GlobalCallForwarding offers a tiered pricing model, with plans suitable for entrepreneurs and enterprises alike. They offer 5 different tiers of pricing, all including bundled talk minutes and a per minute rate you pay if you use more minutes than your plan allows for. The larger the plan you purchase, the lower your per minute rate will be.

When choosing your plan, you can choose where you want your new phone number to be, and where you want the calls received on that line forwarded to. You can choose from over 150 countries, or get it forwarded to a VoIP softphone. 

Below is GlobalCallForwarding's pricing for a United States toll free number being forwarded to a VoIP phone:

  • Basic: 303 monthly minutes, $12.95/month
  • Value: 761 monthly minutes, $23.95/month
  • Power: 2,861 monthly minutes, $78.95/month
  • Premium: 6,569 monthly minutes, $158.95/month
  • Enterprise: 12,638 monthly minutes, $248.95/month
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GlobalCallForwarding Features

GlobalCallForwarding has a great core offering of standard features that come with their service packages:

  • Unlimited extensions
  • Advanced IVR
  • Customer greeting
  • Time-of-day routing
  • Failover forwarding
  • Local ringback tone
  • Voicemail/fax to email
  • Sequential forwarding
  • Select country forwarding
  • Call transfer
  • Black and white lists

These are all features that come standard with their service plans. In addition to these features, they offer a good amount of add on features to help further advance your business phone account.

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Rollover Minutes

This is a great feature that not many other virtual number providers offer. For an additional monthly fee, GlobalCallForwarding will allow you to take unused minutes into the next billing cycle. This is great for companies who have fluctuating call volume. If your company has seasonal spikes, such as companies in the hospitality or travel industry who may see a bump in the summer months, consider adding this feature to your plan.

They offer different price points depending on what sized plan you purchase:

  • Basic: $5/month
  • Value: $10/month
  • Power: $15/month
  • Premium: $20/month
  • Enterprise: $25/month

Currently, they are running a special promotion that allows you to try the product for free for 3 months, and cancel at anytime!

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Call Recording

Like most virtual number providers, GlobalCallForwarding offers a call recording feature that you can add onto your service package. While some providers incorporate this fee into their pricing, GlobalCallForwarding offers the option to exclude it altogether if desired.

Their call recording package comes with a standard 30 days of recording storage, and records 100% of incoming calls. Once you activate this service, you can modify the percent of calls being recorded and upgrade storage for an additional 5 months.

  • Basic: $5/month + $0.03 per minute of saved recordings
  • Value: $4/month + $0.025 per minute of saved recordings
  • Power: $3/month + $0.02 per minute of saved recordings
  • Premium: $2/month + $0.015 per minute of saved recordings
  • Enterprise: $1/month + $0.01 per minute of saved recordings
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Outbound Calling

GlobalCallForwarding only offers inbound calling with their service plans, and outbound calling must be purchased separately. Additionally, unlike their service plans that include bundled talk minutes, you are purchasing a discounted per minute rate, rather than bundled outbound minutes. Their outbound rates vary by country.

  • Outbound basic: $25/month, 0% rate discount rate
  • Outbound value: $100/month, 5% rate discount
  • Outbound power: $250/month, 8% rate discount
  • Outbound premium: $500/month, 11% rate discount
  • Outbound enterprise: $1,000/month, 15% rate discount

As stated above, their rates vary from country to country. For outbound calling to the United States, the non discounted rates range from $0.02 - $0.06 per minute.

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SMS Messaging

The final add on feature that GlobalCallForwarding offers is SMS messaging. Being able to engage with your audience in multiple mediums is an easy way to help your business.

  • Starter: $5.95/month, 100 monthly messages
  • Smart: $24.95/month, 500 monthly messages
  • Professional: $48.95/month, 1,500 monthly messages
  • Professional Plus: $128.95/month, 5,000 monthly messages
  • Business: $198.95/month, 10,000 monthly messages
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GlobalCallForwarding Alternatives

If GlobalCallForwarding doesn’t fit your business needs, fear not! We have put together some notable GlobalCallForwarding competitors and alternatives to ensure you get the right virtual number provider for your business.


Grasshopper offers 3 different tiers of pricing for their virtual number plans. Their plans, solo, partner, and small business, all come with unlimited talk minutes, which can be very appealing to companies. Their pricing is as follows:

  • Solo: $29/month, 1 phone number, 3 extensions
  • Partner: $49/month, 3 phone numbers, 6 extensions
  • Small business: $89/month, 5 phone numbers, unlimited extensions

Grasshopper is super affordable, especially for people who are looking to control their business and virtual phone number directly from their cell phone. They have a good offering of standard features as well, including:

  • Business texting
  • Call forwarding
  • Read your voicemail
  • Virtual fax
  • Auto attendant
  • Custom greetings
  • Simultaneous call handling
  • Call transfers

Grasshopper is one of the best providers on the market for entrepreneurs and micro-businesses. They are affordable, offer a great user interface, and offer unlimited minutes with their plans. Grasshopper will easily grow with your business, making them a fantastic GlobalCallForwarding alternative.

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CallHippo is a little different than some of the other GlobalCallForwarding competitors we will talk about in this article. Sure, they provide virtual phone number services like all the others, but they charge for their services a little differently.

You must purchase one of 4 plans, ranging from $0 - $40 per month. Each plan comes with an increasing number of features. In addition to that, you must purchase your phone number for an additional monthly fee. The more premium and hard to get the number is, the more it will cost.

Finally, you will have to pay per minute charges for both incoming and outgoing calls. This can vary greatly depending on the location you are calling or being called from.

Their pricing and features are as follows:

  • Basic: $0/month
    • Free softphone
    • Forward to device
    • Welcome message
    • Voicemail to email
  • Bronze: $10/user per month. Everything in basic +
    • Call recording
    • Call hold music
    • Country blocking
    • Teams
    • Multilingual IVR
  • Silver: $18/user per month. Everything in Bronze +
    • Free phone number
    • Free incoming calls (call forward charges still apply, fair use policy)
    • Free $2 monthly credit
    • Call transfer
    • Call queuing
  • Platinum: $40/user per month. Everything in silver +
    • Additional $3 monthly credit
    • Premium support
    • Custom integration
    • Additional free incoming talk minutes (1500 total minutes)
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Toky is one of GlobalCallForwarding’s newest competitors in the virtual phone number industry. Founded in 2014, Toky offers affordable plans for teams of all sizes.

They offer 3 basic plans to choose from: Per agent, Team plan and their Enterprise plan. Each plan comes with an array of features available on all plans. If you need more customized integrations, you will need to look into their team plan.

Their pricing is as follows:

  • Per Agent: $25/month per agent
  • Team Plan: $20/month per agent (minimum 6 agents)
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact sales for a custom quote

All plans include one free local or toll free number for use in 38 countries, including the United States, and also include unlimited inbound calling. Some of their features available on all plans include:

  • Call Links
  • Click to call widget
  • Website integration
  • Call queues
  • IVR
  • Call recording
  • Call transfer
  • SMS messaging
  • Plus many more!
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AVOXI offers virtual phone numbers in over 160 countries, making them a good option if you need a virtual number in hard to get locations. They offer both toll free and local numbers, and also have a cloud contact center product, AVOXI Genius!

AVOXI offers 5 virtual plans that vary greatly depending on the location of the number your are purchasing. Pricing may also differ depending on where you get your calls forwarded to (though in most cases, calls are forwarded to a VoIP phone).

Their pricing is as follows:

  • Classic: $4.49/month, $0.041 per minute
  • Basic: $7.99/month, 400 monthly minutes
  • Connect: $16.99/month, 1031 monthly minutes
  • Standard: $25.99/month, 1895 monthly minutes
  • Advanced: $43.99/month, 3888 monthly minutes
  • Premium: $70.99/month, 7522 monthly minutes

AVOXI also offers a cloud contact center solution, AVOXI Genius. They offer 2 different plans currently, Genius Essentials and Genius Contact, priced at $4.99/user and $24.99/user respectively.

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What's Right for Your Business?

There are a few key things you always need to keep in mind when choosing a virtual number provider:

  • Overall monthly cost
  • What features and add-ons your business needs
  • Included talk minutes

We hope you found this article on GlobalCallForwarding and their alternatives and competitors useful. If you feel as if we left anything out, please reach out!

If you would like to learn more about AVOXI and our product offering, feel free to reach out to a representative and they will be happy to further explain what we have to offer!