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Grasshopper Costs and Review: Competitor Comparison

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About Grasshopper 

Grasshopper was founded in 2003 and maintains its headquarters in Boston, MA. They offer virtual phone numbers designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the US and Canada.


For nearly 20 years, AVOXI has been a leading provider of toll free and local numbers for business around the world. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, the company also maintains locations in North Carolina, the Caribbean, South Africa, and Hong Kong. Our global VoIP infrastructure allows us to provide top-quality voice services at highly competitive rates in over 140 countries.

Is AVOXI a Competitor to Grasshopper?

Grasshopper and AVOXI offer different services for different customers, and both companies offer a great deal for their target market. While there is some overlap, comparing the two options is primarily comes down to understanding your own business needs. Grasshopper is meant for small operations that simply want a US business number with basic phone features at a low price. While AVOXI offers competitive pricing for small business plans, the company also specializes in international communications for larger operations around the world. Grasshopper excels in offering a functional, low-cost service for entrepreneurs that need a basic business phone service for 1-5 users making calls in the US. Almost all of AVOXI’s customers set up our service with 5+ users. Most of our clients start with 15-30 users and allow AVOXI to grow with them. The other key difference is international calling. AVOXI specializes in global communications and serves customers on every continent. Grasshopper is marketed towards the US and Canada. They have a limited selection of international calling destinations and only provide US business numbers, while AVOXI offers numbers from 140+ countries worldwide.

Grasshopper 1800 Number Costs and Pricing

Both providers boast competitive offerings for their target customer. Since Grasshopper does not offer toll free numbers outside of the US and Canada, we will only compare them with AVOXI’s US and Canada 1800 number plans. If you are interested in international 800 numbers, AVOXI offers toll free numbers in 140+ countries worldwide.

Grasshopper offers three packages: Solo, Partner, and Small Business. All three plans include “unlimited” minutes, which means however many minutes are allowed in their reasonable-use policy. Unfortunately, the company does not specify how many minutes of talk time would be considered acceptable per extension or number in their reasonable-use policy. However, they do not permit you to set up sip trunking or forward your Grasshopper number to another number or PBX capable of handling simultaneous calls, which greatly limits the number of calls a group could handle monthly, protecting them from losing too much on an unlimited offering. They also mention the price-per-minute of toll free calls made once you’ve gone over your monthly limit: $0.06 per minute. Grasshopper’s plans are:

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Grasshopper's plans start at $29 per month, but that plan includes reasonable-use minutes. Grasshopper charges a $25 one-time setup fee.

AVOXI offers six plans, including a pay-as-you-go option. We have plans to suit all sizes of business and call usage.  When purchasing a toll free numbers through AVOXI there are no hidden costs, fixed contracts or cancellation/termination fees. Similar packages to Grasshopper include:

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AVOXI's toll free number plans start as low as $4.49 per month and bundled packages start at $7.99 per month. There are no setup fees or minimum contracts. 

Grasshopper Local Number Costs and Pricing

Grasshopper’s local number offerings are priced the same as their toll free plans. As previously discussed, Grasshopper only provides local numbers in the US and Canada, so we will only compare those plans. Grasshopper's local number plans are:

grasshopper phone price

AVOXI’s local business number plans are similar to our toll free plans, although each package includes more talk time and the price of additional minutes is reduced. Tier 1 interconnects and direct partnerships with local carriers around the world allow AVOXI to offer local phone numbers in 2,500+ cities worldwide. US/Canada local number plans include:

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Grasshopper Features Comparison

Regardless of which provider you use, you get:

For more information on Grasshopper’s add-on feature pricing, see their support site.

Differences in Features and Pricing

Conference Calling

Grasshopper’s conference calling feature allows you to host a conference call and connect with up to 10 participants by dialing their numbers manually. Each participant contributes to your reasonable-use minutes separately.

AVOXI’s global conference calling feature is included with your service. Instead of dialing each speaker manually, your participants get a dedicated dial-in conference number. You may set up local or toll free dial-in numbers in 25+ countries worldwide. AVOXI’s audio conferencing allows up to 500 participants.

Advanced Call Forwarding

If you would like to forward multiple numbers to a single extension, both Grasshopper and AVOXI can help you. However, Grasshopper charges an additional $10 per month for this feature while AVOXI includes it automatically. AVOXI also allows for more advanced call forwarding functions like geographic call routing.


Neither provider includes this service for free with your toll free or local number service. AVOXI does not provide SMS features, but we are partnered with a business SMS service that can meet these needs for our customers. If you are interested in SMS, simply mention it to an AVOXI specialist for more information. Grasshopper does offer SMS functionality but charges a monthly $10 per line with this service.


Again, both Grasshopper and AVOXI offer this useful business feature. However, Grasshopper charges an additional $10 per month while AVOXI includes it with any level of service.

Number Porting

If you have a toll free or local US number that you would like to port to a new service, both Grasshopper and AVOXI can meet this need through a process called resporg. All US toll free numbers are regulated by the FCC, which requires that your toll free number be portable to another service. Grasshopper charges a one-time $30 porting fee. AVOXI will port your numbers at no additional cost.

Grasshopper International Calling vs AVOXI

As we’ve mentioned, Grasshopper is focused on customers in the US and Canadian market. That said, the company does make limited international calling available. If you would like to unlock international calling with your service from Grasshopper, you will need to provide a $500 deposit. Grasshopper’s international forwarding rates are higher than most global providers. For example, a Grasshopper user dialing a UK landline number will normally be charged between $0.02 - $0.04 per minute, while AVOXI’s UK rates start at $0.009 per minute. Grasshopper is not meant for customers with international calling needs. View all of Grasshopper’s international rates here.

Grasshopper and AVOXI: Which Provider is Right for You?

Choosing between Grasshopper and AVOXI is not really a matter of which provider do you like more or which one has the best pricing. Each company’s service is designed for a different type of customer. So deciding which provider is best for you is just a matter of understanding your business needs. Grasshopper is best for small operations (1-3 employees) with basic business phone needs, and are only making and receiving calls from the US and Canada. If you are also in need of an SMS service or are a single user making a large volume of outbound calls to other US/Canada numbers each month, Grasshopper’s services are probably a better fit for you than AVOXI. On the other hand, AVOXI is a better fit for customers that have any of the following:

  • 5+ users
  • International calling needs
  • Large call volumes
  • Dial-in numbers and professional call conferencing for more than 10 participants.
  • A need for more advanced call forwarding and business phone features, including hosted call recording, geographic routing, etc.

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