Mitel Review and Alternatives: See the Top Mitel Alternatives and Review

mitel alternatives and mitel review

Have you struggled to figure out which contact center provider is actually the best for your business? Well, we have too. It's pretty confusing, especially when there are SO MANY different providers all claiming to be the best. Truth be told, some are better for certain services than others. To help you navigate the confusing world of contact centers, we will provide an honest and thorough Mitel review, as well as some Mitel alternatives and competitors so you can find what's best for your business. In this article, you can expect to learn more about the following:

Mitel Overview

Mitel has a very wide range of product offerings, making them a viable option for any sized business. Their top products appear to be their call center software, hosted business VoIP, and their on-premise phone systems.

Since they are an incredibly large business, they have a very robust product offering in each of these categories. In this article, we will show you exactly what these products are, what they are best used for, and some of their top alternatives and competitors.

Mitel for Call Centers

Mitel has a handful of products that they specifically gear towards call center environments. Though their products have slight differences, they all focus on enhancing the customer experience and growing your business. Their product allows your agents to connect with customers via multiple channels - phone, email SMS, web-chat, social media and in-person. Having flexibility when it comes to reaching customers is critical to retaining and attracting customers.

We will touch on a handful of their contact center solutions:

  • MiCloud Flex
  • MiCloud Engage
  • MiContact Enterprise

Though pricing information is not always immediately available, we will still provide as much information as we can, so you can easily compare all your options in one place.

MiCloud Flex Features and Pricing

MiCloud focuses on being able to attract and retain talented individuals, regardless of where they are located. Having agents who work in the cloud means they can be located anywhere in the world, ensuring agents will always be available to take calls.

Some of their key features and benefits include:

  • Skills-based routing
  • Workflow designer
  • Self-service IVR
  • Call recording
  • Silent monitoring
  • And much more!

Pricing is not immediately available on this product, so you will need to reach out to sales in order to get a customized quote.

MiCloud Flex Top Alternatives

If you feel as if MiCloud Flex isn't the right fit for your business, fear not! Here are a couple of top Mitel alternatives for you to consider.


CallFire offers a good array of contact center features to help you scale and grow your business. Some of their features include voice broadcast, analytics reporting, IVR, call tracking, CRM integration, and more.

They offer tiered pricing to meet the needs of any sized business:

  • Pay as you go: $0.05/minute or text
  • Lite: $99/month, 2500 minutes/texts
  • Startup: $199/month, 5500 minutes/texts
  • Grow: $299/month, 10,000 minutes/texts
  • Pro: $599/month, 20,000 minutes/texts

Each plan also offers optional monthly number rentals, and keywords (think about those ads you see, like "Text BASEBALL to 50505 for more information!")


AVOXI's virtual call center software is another great alternative to MiCloud Flex. This cloud contact center software is offered in 2 packages, Genius Essentials and Genius Contact, and is loaded with features, such as call recording, voicemail transcription, time of day routing, caller ID, and outbound calling to name a few. And if you purchase a Genius Contact seat, you will also get features such as call whisper, barge, queuing, and advanced analytics.

The pricing on this software is quite affordable as well, with Genius Essentials costing $4.99/user and Genius Contact costing $24.99/user.

MiCloud Engage Features and Pricing

Mitel's next offering we will take a look at, MiCloud Engage Contact Center, is an over-the-top software with no need to worry about installing and deploying any equipment. This particular software is highly customizable, and can be integrated with your already existing equipment. With the ability to integrate with your CRM, you can get valuable data to help better understand your customers and their needs, or use the integrated CRM system to save even more money.

Their API-first architecture means the software can support custom integrations, and help you gather real-time data. You can easily create complex interaction flows with their drag and drop interface, and create skills-based routing flows to ensure your customers talk to the right people the first time.

Some of their other features include self-service IVR, text to speech, barge-in, call recording, workforce management, and more! Like MiCloud Flex, pricing is not available, so you will need to reach out to sales in order to get a quote.

MiCloud Engage Top Alternatives

There are plenty of Mitel alternatives for you to choose from if you are looking for software that can provide the powerful reporting and analytics that MiCloud Engage provides.


Talkdesk provides contact center solutions that are easy and quick to implement, so your agents can hit the ground running in no time. Some of the key features that make them a great Mitel alternative are their IVR, workforce management capabilities, self-service, intelligent routing, real-time reporting, CRM integrations, and the use of artificial intelligence to gain deep insights into your customers. Quickly learn everything you need to know about a customer when they call in to make sure they get the best experience possible. Pricing is not available on their website, so you will have to reach out to sales to get a custom quote.


CallTrackingMetrics offers a powerful contact center solution, and claims to be the only provider who offers marketing attribution built into their program, so you can be proactive when dealing with customers. You can automate calls, texts, and forms based on what they did on your website, previous engagement with your business, last contact, or a number of custom criteria.

Streamline your contact center with call queuing and routing, manager tools, CRM integrations, and agent reporting. Their contact center software is priced at $299/month, with options to buy local and toll free numbers for $1.25 and $2.00/month respectively, and talk rates of $0.035 and $0.05/minute respectively.

MiContact Enterprise Features and Pricing

MiContact Enterprise is truly an all in one solution for contact centers. With this software, you will get a full spectrum of features and solutions to help your enterprise grow and prosper. Some of the features include ACD, IVR, inbound/outbound dialing, automated outbound dialing, CRM integrations, real-time reporting, IVR, multi-channel support and more!

The advantage of this software is the ability to manage every aspect of your business from a single interface. You can have up to 3,000 agents on a single system, making this a great choice for very large companies. Additionally, their self-service options allow you to make changes on your own, eliminating large costs associated with making changes. Like all of their other contact center solutions, you will need to request a quote from their sales team.

MiContact Enterprise Top Alternatives

Finding a great alternative for MiContact can be challenging, but we think we have a few suggestions on some services that you could choose is MiContact Enterprise doesn't quite fit what you're looking for!

Genesys PureConnect

Genesys PureConnect is an all in one omnichannel communication platform, that they claim to be truly "all in one". According to their PureConnect product guide, PureConnect is a "simple all in one architecture that lets you accelerate deployment times, reduce complexity, simplify administration, improve efficiency and reduce the cost of ownership".

This system offers lots of features, such as reporting and analytics, automated processes, CRM integrations, routing, and self-service. This solution is ultra customizable, and can be designed to fit any need your business may have. If you are interested in pricing, you will have to get a custom quote from their sales team.


Aircall provides business phone services as well can call center software to companies of all sizes. They really speak highly of their integrations, and can integrate with many popular CRM platforms and other customer support programs. They offer a strong feature set, with popular features such as call queues, queue call back, skills-based routing, call recording, pause-resume recording, time-based routing, call analytics/monitoring, power dialer and more!

In order to get pricing, as with most contact center software providers, you must contact sales to get your custom quote.

Mitel Business VoIP

Mitel is a great option for not only complete contact center solutions, but business VoIP solutions as well. If you run a smaller business, and don't need any of the in-depth reporting and analytics that comes with a contact center solution, a business VoIP system could be a great option for your business. With features such as call recording, CRM integrations, and web conferencing, a business VoIP solution from Mitel can be a great benefit to help you better streamline communications.

MiCloud Connect Features and Pricing

Per Mitel's website, they offer 3 tiers of pricing, to fit any businesses needs: Essentials, Premier and Elite.  

  • Essentials: $20.99/month per user
  • Premier: $26.59/month per user
  • Elite: $38.49/month per user

If you would like additional advanced features such as IVR, intelligent routing, speech analytics and more, you must purchase their MiCloud CX Call Center package. This package will provide additional services to benefit both the sales as well as the service side of your business. The pricing on this service is not immediately available, so you must request a quote in order to get an estimate on pricing. 

Here is what features are included in each plan:


  • Unlimited monthly minutes
  • 8-party audio conferencing
  • 8-party video collaboration
  • 4-party web conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Softphone
  • Outlook and G-Suite integrations
  • Business SMS
  • Microsoft telephony integration
  • Mobile app
  • Admin portal



  • Everything in Premier +
  • 100-party audio conferencing
  • 24-party video collaboration
  • 100-party web conferencing
  • Automatic call recording
  • Archiving
  • Operator

Micloud Connect Top Alternatives

There are tons of great Mitel alternatives for their business VoIP solutions, so we picked some of the best and will give you a brief overview of their product, features, and pricing!

Jive Communications

Jive offers basic VoIP services for small businesses ranging from $19.95-$29.95/user depending on how many users you have. They also offer these services for businesses that will require 100+ users, but you will have to contact them in order to get a custom quote. They offer free calls to 52 countries for no extra charge (excluding mobile phones, satellite phones, and information services). 

Some of their features include IVR, call analytics, call recording/monitoring, conferencing, ring groups and much more!


Grasshopper is a popular small business communication platform, offering an affordable and easy to use professional phone system. They offer 3 different plans to choose from: Solo, Partner, and Small Business.

  • Solo - $29/month, 1 number with 3 extensions
  • Partner - $49/month, 3 numbers with 6 extensions
  • Small Business - $89/month, 5 numbers with unlimited extensions

All of their plans come with unlimited minutes, and features such as business texting, call forwarding, reporting, call handling, virtual fax, and much more! You can also choose between local and toll free numbers, so you can mix and match which numbers you would like to use.

Mitel On-Premise Solutions

Mitel offers an on-premise solution in addition to their various hosted options. While a large majority of companies are moving to hosted or cloud-based solutions, Mitel still does offers an on-site option for your PBX needs if you choose to go that route.

MiVoice Connect Features and Pricing

MiVoice Connect is an on-premise PBX system, that allows your agents to easily and quickly connect with customers. One of the big differences between this and their hosted solution is there are physical phones for your agents to use. Many of the features are the same - CRM integrations, call routing, attendants, among others.

There are maintenance costs associated with owning an on-premise PBX system vs having one in the cloud, which makes many businesses wary to use it. There are high initial set-up costs and maintenance costs, but lower monthly costs and calls will likely cost less as well.

Pricing is not available, as this is a highly customizable system, but you can expect it to cost your organization thousands of dollars to get properly set up and installed.

MiVoice Connect Alternatives

There aren't as many options on the market for on-premise PBX solutions. A good majority of businesses are moving to cloud-based solutions. However, there are still plenty of options on the market for you to choose from!

One such option is 3CX, who offer both on-premise and hosted PBX solutions. The only thing you need to consider when making this decision is the costs of owning an on-premise system. You will need to pay for the upkeep of the system, which can add to the cost of owning the system. You will need to reach out to 3CX to get a custom pricing quote.

Final Thoughts

You need to take great care when choosing a virtual business phone provider, whether it's for your small business or 2,000 employee enterprise. Mitel is a large company who has experienced a great deal of success, but that doesn't mean they are a perfect fit for everyone.

We hope that you found the information you were looking for in this post! If we missed out on a Mitel alternative, Mitel competitor, or another product Mitel offers, please reach out and let us know! We are always updating our content to be as up to date and useful as possible! If you are interested in learning more about AVOXI's cloud contact center solution, AVOXI Genius, feel free to check out our product page!