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How Much Does IVR Cost?

If you have questions about what exactly an IVR is and how it can save you money, you are not alone. Before making any decision, it is important to fully understand what the IVR system cost to your business is. In this article, we will break down some of the most popular IVR providers and…

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AVOXI Online Portal Adds Greater Functionality and Features with Recent Updates

The latest upgrades to AVOXI’s cloud PBX platform include call queuing functionality, SIP trunk provisioning, and virtual attendant (IVR) self-management along with other improvements. These updates provide customers a comprehensive feature set to manage their business communications. AVOXI Customers Gain Call Queues, Virtual Attendant Self-management, SIP Trunk Provisioning and More The newly released updates to…

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5-Point Checklist to Use to Design Your IVR

IVR/Auto Attendant systems let you automate processes to help serve customers. Getting the prospect or customer to the right department or agent efficiently saves time and money. Better still, IVR systems can help ensure a better customer experience when set up appropriately. This best practice checklist guides you through key aspects of your system that…

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How to Improve the Quality of Your Phone Greetings

If you’re recording a new voicemail greeting, or planning out an updated IVR/auto attendant menu, chances are that you already know that your phone greeting is an invaluable touchpoint for your business and your customers.  Recorded phone greetings provide your customers with insight into your business’s personality and communicate important information, such as store hours or special offers. Since voicemail…

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Problems with IVR Auto Attendant

The IVR auto attendant VoIP feature is becoming increasingly popular for businesses looking to increase both internal and external efficiency.  This feature allows a business to pre-record prompts and greetings that provide customers with easy access the information they need or the person they need to speak to.  Despite its popularity and benefits, sometimes customers…

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How to Create an Effective IVR on Your VoIP System

Your IVR Auto Attendant is an extremely important part of your business.  In many instances, this system is the first impression that you give a customer. Because of that, it’s essential that you know how to create an effective IVR on your VoIP system. As you prepare to set up your IVR Auto Attendant, review the steps…

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